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Chinese coin certification market development report Chinese coin collection online media source: Author: Zhao Yansheng in 2009 third party coin certification service officially landed in the mainland of China, and gradually began to take root growth. After nearly eight years, the rapid development of business in China, to participate in the capital increase, accelerate the expansion of market scale, market competition, value system has begun to take shape, form and different standard, comprehensive coverage of feudal lords vying for the throne and innovation, with the characteristics of new situation, has become an important part of the market service system China’s money market in. How to understand the current situation of the development of the appraisal and rating business in China, what are the characteristics of the market, and how to promote the development of market norms. Based on a large number of data and examples, this paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the status quo and characteristics of China’s market for the identification and evaluation of the market from a multi angle of view. Due to the relatively short history of the development of China’s market, the market has not yet seen the relevant agencies to conduct special research on the market. The report, from a professional perspective, for the first time for people to show China’s coin certification market relatively complete data and statistics, as market participants understand the important documents in our country money market assessment.   ; the first part of the status quo of the development of a book inventory, identification, identification of Rating firm in two varieties of three rating rating standards, identification and identification of four rating business conditions five, six, charge status appraisal rating scale of development of the market and products of the seven value system the second part analyzes the main characteristics of a basic demand, market development two business promotion, drive market development in three, the rapid development of the market chaos associated with the third part explores how to develop, on several major issues in the understanding of (a) identification rating function (two) identification of rating criteria problems (three) domestic companies how to become bigger and stronger, how to regulate the market development issues two (1 ) full market competition, accelerate the winners and losers (two) clear quality standards, strengthen the industry standard (three) correct understanding, adhere to the harmony Annex: Table 1: China to carry out the "coin certification business" list of institutions to schedule 2-1 schedule 2-5: China modern precious metal coins with different currency price of goods the rate of statistical analysis of Annex 1: China modern precious metal coins of different goods transaction price statistics analysis report of the development of Chinese coin certification market ("China coins" magazine’s 2016 fifth issue the first author: Zhao Yansheng) includes two of the most basic concepts in the identification of coins in a rating, is the first to identify the authenticity of coins. The two is to evaluate the quality of coins. Authenticity identification is the basis for the subsequent evaluation of the value of the embodiment. The identification of the authenticity of the coin and the evaluation of the product have already existed in our country. But.相关的主题文章: