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Really do not wash Why would the explosion wash down jacket xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Really do not wash? Wash down jacket why would "explode" the weather has been cold, the street down jacket has been everywhere. While wearing a warm down jacket, but still clean up more trouble, wash their hands clean, do not send to the laundry will be very troublesome, this time I believe many people are thinking about how to use the washing machine to wash down jacket, the washing machine to wash down jacket is a "dangerous". Wash down jacket will explode? Is not sensational. Due to the lower quality of the down jacket, poor ventilation performance, after washing completely soaked, which will be filled with the down together, so that a large area of space in the down jacket. In high-speed drying, constant expansion before the saturated water down after dehydration, down jacket will be produced in the air, and the waterproof coating is not conducive to the discharge of gas, will continue to be up and down jacket in the washing machine filled with dry cloth, nylon and down will produce static electricity, static electricity a large number of short bursts of heat in the washing machine, and space is limited, the gas accumulation to a certain extent, it may cause explosion". At present, the newly produced drum washing machine basically has the functions of washing and drying down jacket. The new production of the drum washing machine basically can wash down jacket for drying, washing machine and even some big brands also launched a washing machine down jacket with washing function, the washing machine is 600 rpm or low engine speed of 800 rpm, suitable for washing clothes.相关的主题文章: