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Real men 2 Jiang kifo PK Yang Yuan strength training who will Yiqijuechen Sohu Entertainment-minmi

"Real men 2" Jiang kifo PK Yang Yuan strength training who will Yiqijuechen Sohu Jiang kifo Sohu   entertainment; entertainment news on Friday night 20:20, CO produced by empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Air force article fiery strikes continue. The first two shows, Jiang kifo with good physical performance not only led the way, sit up amazing people, shooting competition is way ahead, catching the monitor. Experienced early show push ups, fire training, such as helicopters downhill after the test, the program guests will usher in a new challenge of strength training. Chiang Kai Shek strength PK squad leader Yang Yuan, the physical ability of the king Jiang Jinfu miracle can lead all the way? Jiang Jinfu in the program to "5 45" excellent shooting performance so that we greatly, also won as recruits representative in the investiture ceremony right of speech. Jiang Jinfu said in a speech to reveal the truth, some words from the bottom of the heart let hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the TV, and everyone was moved, his new motto reads: "to defend the motherland, guarding the family, world peace." , but also to express the sincere and simple wishes of Chiang Kai shek. The appearance of a strong inner heart of the big boy "husband" is the recruits in the physical play, all skills are excellent, in this program, Jiang Jinfu will be with the squad leader strength training PK, a showdown. Yang far more monitor expression is a special character of Jiang kifo tolerant man can endure can succeed! Tiehan tenderness Jiang Jinfu, scores can be Yiqijuechen? Physical fitness in recruits can be further ahead? This program will be announced one by one. The air force recruits tour will continue in November 4 Japan Friday night at 20:20, lock Hunan TV "true man" in season second, passion sway, to witness the transformation and the growth of new recruits.相关的主题文章: