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Putin’s visit to Japan next month, said Russian media said Russia will not return the disputed islan-www.henhen.com

Putin’s visit to Japan, Russia, Russia media said Russia will not " return " disputed islands – Sohu military channel data figure: Russian President Putin. Reference News Network reported on November 19th: Russian media said the Russian President Assistant Yuri? Ushakov said that Putin will visit Japan in December 15th to 16. He said: "in front of us as well as agreed to visit Japan in December 15th this year, -16." According to Itar TASS reported on November 17th, Ushakov pointed out that Russia and Japan in the bilateral dialogue at all levels in this year become more active. Ushakov stressed that economic and trade cooperation is the key issue of bilateral relations. He warned that Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to visit Sochi in May this year when transferred to Russia cooperation program, covering 8 promising areas of bilateral cooperation, including energy, industry, health, agriculture, city environment, small and medium-sized enterprises, high-end technology and cultural exchanges and cooperation. Russia is transferred to the economic development minister’s visit to Tokyo during the visit list of proposals. The list initially consisted of 49 priority items, and the number increased to 58. Ushakov said that after the development of a unified list of about 90 projects, and in the Intergovernmental Committee meeting between the 15 finalized joint work plan. According to Russia’s "Morning News" website reported on November 17th, Japan’s Sankei Shimbun "joint Fuji News poll showed that 2/3 of the Japanese look forward to" Northern Territory "will make progress quickly, think Russia will give up on the South Kuril Islands (i.e. North four islands) one or several islands. Survey shows that 67.9% of Japanese people expect positive progress on the territorial issue. However, many of the respondents also called for a more flexible approach to the solution of the territorial issue, not because of the need to return all four islands exhausted. Why are Japanese so optimistic? After all, Russian diplomats and politicians have repeatedly stated that Russia will not compromise on territorial issues. Valeri, director of the Far East Japan Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences? Based stanovoy pointed out that "Japanese optimism could with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo on the issue of enthusiasm. He regularly expressed his intention to resolve the territorial dispute in favor of Japan, most people will understand this as Russia will surrender two or even four islands". The experts stressed that Andouble and Putin close, two people have met for the 14 time. Only this year, Andouble twice in Sochi and Vladivostok, russia. Putin plans to visit Japan in December. As a result, the diplomatic and economic sectors of the two countries became more frequent. In addition, in recent decades, the Japanese media to the public to actively instill the idea that the four islands in the north to Russia is unfair, should be returned to japan. Keith Tano J pointed out that there is no possibility of returning any island to japan. He believes that only possible joint economic development. It would be naive and foolish if we decided to hand over the islands to win the west. As long as Russia does not hand over four islands, Japan and the West will not think this is a big move. What will occur after "return" of the South Kuril Islands requirements. Europe will only see this.相关的主题文章: