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Putin was the first to congratulate Trump on British media Russian US relations will usher in a new vstart

Putin was the first to congratulate Trump on British media: the relationship between Russia and the United States will open a new era of information: Recently Russia sent USS Kuznetsov carrying all aircraft to the Mediterranean mission, the Russian Northern Fleet, Black Sea fleet will also send ships to join the carrier battle group, which will enable Russia to significantly enhance military forces around Syria. According to CNN statistics, to the United States time 9 am, Trump won the election of the votes of the voters, the election of the voters to get the 218 of the 289 votes in the election of the people of the Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states. Some states have not yet completed the vote, but Trump has won more than 270 electoral votes. He will take office in January 20th next year, the vice president of Indiana governor Burns. At the same time the Republicans in the house and Senate elections are both more than half of voters expressed to the ruling Democratic Party of 8 years of boredom by vote. Major global media real-time tracking the billing process time on the night of the 8 United states. When Trump won the key swing state of Florida, the global stock market fell like a Domino. Us and European media preference for Hilary continued to campaign at the last moment. When the big ticket has 55 electoral votes, California warehouse number less than 20% billing, many sites have been eager to count California Democrat painted blue, and the 55 tickets in the name of Hilary. And in Trump’s leading state, often more than 95% of the votes will not be painted red on behalf of the Republican party. Nevertheless, Trump leading throughout the billing process in almost all the way. In the evening of 8 New York Javits Convention Center to prepare for the celebration of the Democratic Party Hilary, Hilary’s supporters failed to usher in a female president, a lot of people in tears at the scene. That night, Hilary did not appear to make a speech, she had been asked to recount in a close vote in the news. Until about 3 in the morning, Trump delivered a victory speech, saying he had received a phone call to congratulate our victory, he also expressed his gratitude to Hilary, Hilary. After Trump announced his victory, he first received congratulations from President Putin: "I want to congratulate the American people on the election cycle…… We heard the U.S. presidential candidates before the election: to restore the relationship between Russia and the United States statement…… Russia is ready to try, the relationship between Russia and the United States return to the road of sustainable development." British "Guardian" said, Putin opened a new era to ease relations with the United states. Two days ago, also said in February next year to go to America to visit president Hilary’s Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, 9 days to adjust quickly, in his congratulatory message to Trump, stressed that Japan is "unshakable allies", and plans to send the prime minister Kawai Kyuki’s visit next week assistant. The same day, the Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio and defense minister Inada Tomomi also congratulated Trump, said the alliance is very important. Mexico’s president Nieto said on the 9, hope to have a good relationship with Trump, "Mexico is never a friend". British Prime Minister Teresa · Mei said the United States and Britain continue to maintain special relations. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said in his comments on the election of President Trump, the U.S. leadership position is crucial to address new security challenges. Tusk and Juncker, the two leaders of the European Union, called on Mr.相关的主题文章: