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Putin plane was surrounded by 3 Swiss fighter jets to Russia to say – Sohu news-txplatform

Putin was a Swiss fighter plane 3 surrounded by Russia to Switzerland to say – Sohu in Moscow in November 19, Xinhua News (reporter Hu Xiaoguang) Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va said on 19, Russia in the day before waiting for the Swiss fighter to close near the Russian plane incident to explain, and will respond in a corresponding manner. Zaha Lo Va the same day in Russia 24 TV channel broadcast program, said the Swiss fighter plane is too close to the Russian plane, causing the plane passengers are particularly uneasy". Russia noted the media coverage of the incident. Russian plane flights in advance permission, the Russian Embassy in Switzerland to the Swiss side sent a note to the offing and asked the Swiss side to explain, Russia will respond in a corresponding way to Switzerland to explain. The Russian special flight team a Il – 96 – 300 plane 18, equipped with Russian President Putin and members of the delegation of the Moscow Kremlin reporter group went to Peru to attend the informal meeting of APEC leaders, on the way in Swiss airspace by a Swiss fighter aircraft has been tracking, Switzerland with flying to Switzerland and France border. According to the Russian satellite network reported that the Swiss aircraft to track the Russian aircraft, and close to the safe distance. One aircraft from the Russian aircraft are very close, can not only see the tail on the Flag of Switzerland, number of aircraft, pilots can even see the face. Aircraft from the left side of the aircraft near the Russian aircraft to make an action, and then close to the right.相关的主题文章: