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Princess another female medical hot line couples a soap (video) 3u8895

"Princess" another female medical hot line couples a "soap" Princess _50 female medical > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "female biography" Princess medicine Tencent entertainment news from the Chinese film and television production, new media Lai, Chinese Film Co produced, Lee served as national director. Directed by Zheng Weiwen, Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo, Huang Xuan, Li Chengyuan, Jin Chen, Yuan Wenkang and He Qing co starred in the legendary drama "female costume Princess" medicine, is Guangdong TV broadcast fiery. The play, Zhu Qiyu (Huang Xuan ornaments) and yoonhyun (Liu Shishi ornaments) line CP sweet time. Two people were also self challenge, acting, the audience once again into the line of the charm of the couple. Huang Xuan Liu Shishi bold breakthrough self acting broke out of the play, Liu Shishi break the limit, small needle tongue therapy expert Tan Yunxian by lightning, without fear of discrimination. Encounter ray split also first, life hangs a line. Deep oyrad captured yoonhyun, and not because the relationship between the two identity of opposites, choose to give up treatment. Yoonhyun with needles and bloodletting without fear of "tongue pain therapy", the no hope of survival is to wake up. Many users see this picture, also have said "yoonhyun face the feudal did not bow, a breakthrough single therapy, not rigid, in her body, see the bold persistent female, see a doctor who’s love. And always with moist jade well groomed young man image appears Huang Xuan, in the "female biography" Princess medicine also ushered in the character of reversal. See the beloved yoonhyun on the battlefield, the princess and the queen mother learned that he was completely deceived, in a rage, hair hard. Zhu Qiyu is overbearing "I don’t kill triggered at any moment, she also want to waste her, I want to strangle you" sentence rhetoric. Crazy for love Zhu Qiyu, it seems that every look, every movement, exudes dignity and anger, and Huang Xuan’s acting at the moment the outbreak. Sister boy and domineering emperor Liao ‘switch freely. Play hard to smooth and clean, as if he of yoonhyun love has been carved into the bones, the deep and heavy love, by Huang Xuan’s interpretation of penetrating. Such a vigorous performance, but also let the audience defenseless, he was completely fascinated. Liu Shishi Huang Xuan a "soap" line CP with deep shallow edge of a drama, Huang Xuan and Liu Shishi’s role as a powerful CP, the audience was called the "infinite dog abuse line couples". Yu Yun Qi and Yin, one is a modest, self-disciplined gentleman a kind, lovely, two people full of small fresh style of interaction in the CP war, it is more like existence. In the episode, in the face of the gray yoonhyun, Qi Yu even their bath soap to yoonhyun, he was considerate out of the capital of praise, more viewers joked: "this is the correct use of soap". The play, Yuan Wenkang played the first lead oyrad family came to the capital, not only to provoke trouble caused by the war, Wallace Huo played by Zhu Qizhen struggling to regain power to the Empress Dowager to stage a comeback, battered Zhu Qizhen in Tan Yunxian’s "stimulus", out of the decadent state. In history, the Pope is because the expedition with oyrad.相关的主题文章: