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Can pregnant women eat red beans? Women eat red beans have 5 advantages – Shenzhen Channel – People’s original title: can pregnant women eat red beans? Women eat red beans have 5 advantages, red bean nutritional value has many, especially for women, more should eat more to health. Expectant mothers during pregnancy can also take the right amount of red beans to supplement the nutrients they need. Below, for you to inventory of women eat red beans what are the benefits of it?. Pregnant women can eat red beans? Early pregnancy can eat red beans, early pregnancy because the embryo is still very small, the nutritional needs of very little, so as long as the normal diet can meet the needs of the fetus, and later to strengthen nutrition. Just pregnant is more rest, not tired, do not do strenuous exercise, early pregnancy embryo in the womb is not too stable, so accidentally will cause miscarriage. Pregnant women should pay attention to the spleen dampness, nourishing food, the Qi and blood, spleen and stomach food together with good, can use: red beans, rice, jujube porridge. Attention should be paid to patients with diarrhea or without damp heat. And mung bean, kelp, mustard and other cold food category. Do not eat six months before pregnancy is wonderful, six months after pregnancy can eat more, the children born without Cang, and the skin will be very good, and for the red bean is a moderate food, so early pregnancy can still be eaten, but the amount of food is not too much can be. Women eat red beans benefit heart nourishing blood. In ancient times, Li Shizhen called red beans "heart Valley", emphasizing the heart nourishing effect of red beans. Red beans can clear fire, also can repair efforts. Its crude fiber material is rich, it can help reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, improve cardiac function and other effects; at the same time, rich in iron, can be Qi, blood, very suitable for heart blood. Let your winter hands and feet not cold. Invigorating spleen and stomach. The digestive capacity of the spleen and stomach is relatively strong, and the absorption is better. Therefore, the weaker people should strengthen the tonic in winter, do a good job in the next year’s nutritional reserves, the next year will be good energy, strong, and will not be sick. Red bean, known as "red bean" in Chinese medicine, also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach. Elimination of edema. In addition to red bean is rich in potassium, saponins contained in the skin also has strong diuretic effect, can effectively improve due to beriberi and kidney function decline caused by face, foot swelling, so the treatment of edema will use red bean. Dampness heat. Water can not flow with Qi and blood, and stay between the human cells, so that the body expands rapidly. The red beans contains rich vitamin B and iron, also contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, niacin and other ingredients, has diuresis, dispelling dampness detoxification. Detox weight loss. Red beans are not only delicious food, but also the drug for treatment by physicians, "Compendium of Materia Medica" said the downward, can pass through the small intestine to diuresis swelling. Now ten people there are at least five or six body fat, which is also called swollen, bloated. In Chinese medicine, obesity, edema, also means that there is moisture in the body. Water can not flow with Qi and blood, and stay between the human cells, so that the body expands rapidly. Edema is so, obesity is the same, only the degree of deep shallow. Qu)

孕妇能吃红豆吗?女性吃红豆有5大好处–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:孕妇能吃红豆吗?女性吃红豆有5大好处   红豆的营养价值有很多,尤其是对女性来说更应该要多吃来养生。在孕期的准妈妈们也是可以适量吃红豆补充所需营养的。下面,为大家盘点一下女性吃红豆都有哪些好处吧。   孕妇能吃红豆吗   怀孕初期能吃红豆,孕初期因为胚胎还很小,需要的营养很少,所以只要平时的正常饮食就能够满足胎儿的需要,中后期再加强营养。刚怀孕的就是多休息,不要累着了,不要做剧烈运动,怀孕初期胚胎在子宫内还不是太稳定,所以一不小心就会造成流产。   孕妇一般要注意利湿,健脾的食物,具体补养气血,健脾胃的食物一起用的好,可以用:红豆,粳米,大枣粥喝。注意有腹泻,或者没有湿热的患者应该少用。还有绿豆、海带、芥菜等一类的属寒性食物。怀孕六个月前不吃为妙,怀孕六个月后可以多吃, 生出来的孩子没有苍, 而且皮肤会很好,而对于红豆是温和的食物,所以怀孕初期还是可以食用的,但是食用的量不要过多即可。   女性吃红豆的好处   养心补血。古代李时珍把红豆称作“心之谷”, 强调了红豆的养心功效。红豆既能清心火,也能补心血。其粗纤维物质丰富,临上有助降血脂、降血压、改善心脏活动功能等功效;同时又富含铁质,能行气补血,非常适合心血。让你冬天手脚不在寒冷。   健脾胃。脾胃消化能力相对较强,吸收较好。所以,身体较虚弱的人冬天应加紧进补,做好来年的营养储备,来年才会精力好、力气壮,而且不会生病。红豆,在中药里称作为“赤小豆”,也有明显的健脾胃功效。   消除水肿。红豆中除了含有丰富的钾之外,其外皮中所含的皂角苷也有很强的利尿作用,能很好地改善因脚气病和肾脏功能衰退而引起的脸部、脚部的浮肿,所以,治疗水肿必用红豆。   祛湿清热。水液不能随气血流动,滞留在人体细胞之间,使人体迅速膨胀起来。而红豆含有丰富的B族维生素和铁质,还含有蛋白质、脂肪、糖类、钙、磷、尼克酸等成分,具有清热利尿、祛湿排毒作用。   排毒减肥。红豆不仅是美味可口的食品,而且是医家治病的妙药,《本草纲目》说其性下行,能通小肠利小便去肿胀。现在的人十个里面起码有五六个身体发福,这也是肿,叫做体态臃肿。在中医看来,肥胖也好,水肿也好,都意味着体内有湿。水液不能随气血流动,滞留在人体细胞之间,使人体迅速膨胀起来。水肿如此,肥胖也是如此,只不过是程度有深有浅而已。祛湿性极强的药物或食物能祛除这些滞留在人体的水液,也就能消肿。 (责编:袁俪芸、王星)相关的主题文章: