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Ppp+ rail policy frequent positive 4 months of strong stocks rose over 10% onavo protect

PPP+ rail policy frequent positive 4 months of strong stocks rose over 10% Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you make you take the PPP+ rail can make you my policy frequent positive 4 months of strong stocks rose over 10% – reporter Qiao Chuan Sichuan you yesterday, the market in the 19 trading days after the shock consolidation, down and variable, the stock index fell 1.85%, all two cities fell across the board plate, but it is worth noting that the transportation infrastructure stocks decline significantly smaller, 0.68% showed strong resilience; stocks, gem industries, Connie Electromechanical, tunnel engineering and Northern International is more rise to different degrees. Message level, the national development and Reform Commission deputy director Hu Zucai day in Beijing before the city rail transit financing mechanism innovation seminar said that as of now, rail transportation planning and construction of 43 National City has been approved, planning a total mileage of about 8600 km; in addition, the meeting also made it clear that in the field of rail transportation to promote the PPP mode type. In fact, in recent years, countries in the field of rail transportation and rail transportation policy PPP+ positive is frequently released; released in May this year, the "traffic infrastructure construction of major projects three year action plan", 2016 -2018 new city rail traffic 2385 kilometers, the amount of 1 trillion and 650 billion yuan investment, the annual investment of 550 billion yuan, the first year of far super "12th Five-Year" during the 230 billion. In addition, the decentralization of urban rail transit construction approval authority, as well as the relaxation of the metro construction access standards is also conducive to the development of urban rail transit speed. The day prior to the announcement of the "on the proper government and social capital cooperation in traditional infrastructure related work notice" is also clearly stated, to do good infrastructure energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and major municipal engineering and other fields of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) to promote the work of. In this regard, analysts said the city rail transit construction investment has the stable economic development, the introduction of the PPP model will reduce the pressure on local government finances, improve local government investment in the construction of city rail transit enthusiasm, rail construction investment in the next few years to accelerate the uncertainty is very strong, the performance of listed companies related to the thickening. Guotai Junan said the investment strategy, PPP, into one of the main mode of operation of the rail project: as of June in PPP rail project has exceeded one trillion yuan, accounting for investment in all municipal PPP project in 37%, municipal subdivision industry ranked first; investors should pay attention to the rail industry PPP superposition double burst investment opportunities. Stock selection, Guotai Junan said, the first rail maximum flexibility, Tengda Hongrun construction construction, the tunnel shares, also may be concerned about the four blue chip Chinese MCC, Chinese railway, Shanghai construction, China built. In addition, the State Securities said that the railway equipment industry will not only benefit from the new rail and urban rail transit lines, the increase in vehicle density and accelerate the pace of import substitution will also promote the rail相关的主题文章: