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Potential Points Of Conflict With The Real Estate Developers-ekdv-273

Real-Estate There are a number of housing societies being developed in different parts of the country which are offering a number of residential options to the people. The way the property businesses are regulated by the government and run by the private builders, there is a considerable scope for conflicts arising between the customers of these real estate units and the developers of the projects. Let us examine the most likely sources of conflict: 1. Inexplicable charges: While some charges have some rationale, some other might be lacking. Often, there is conflict with the builders for the charges associated with the parking space and the club membership. Many societies would hold these to be the mandatory charges which shall be paid by the customers. The customers, on the other hand, question the rationale for these charges since customers can not be assumed to be not having the cars. And, if they do have the cars, then the parking space is required mandatorily for which the charges should not be taken. Another issue is of parking space for more than one car. The builders might insist on buying the space for the second car as well which might be resented by the customers who would prefer to park their other cars in the open, uncovered spaces. Similarly, the club membership charges which are demanded by the builders as mandatory might also be a conflict point since the residents often demand it to be made optional. They contend that in a large housing society as the Puri Pratham Faridabad, not everyone might be interested in using the club membership facilities. There is no point paying for something which is not to be used. 2. Project cost escalation due to delays: Yet another point of conflict is the cost escalation clause of the agreement and its use by the builders to increase the price of the project. While the price rise due to increasing costs of input material could be explicable, it might be.e contentious if the project is delayed and the cost escalation happens during that period. Since the project delay is to be blamed on the builders, the customers might question of rationale of charging them for cost escalations. 3. Not providing quality construction or the interiors as per the sample flat: It is another .mon contentious issue. People generally tend to have the same look and feel of the residential unit as the one which they have seen in the sample flat. If there is a major deviation which makes the unit altogether different from the one which was shown as sample, then it could be problematic. Further, the questions might also be raised on the quality of constructions if the defects are pointed out at the time of handing over the possession. Often, the builders do have this provision in the agreement that there can be a change in the material available for interior decor depending upon the availability of the same at the time but efforts shall be made to find closely resembling materials only. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: