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Postgraduate training institutions on the Yuanbao million class claims to be able to take the relati-e3300

Postgraduate training institutions on the Yuanbao million class claims to be able to take the relationship in new network Beijing on 12 September, (Lv Chunrong) the day before, as the 2017 national graduate admissions policy released once a year, "grind" drama gradually into public view. In new network reporter survey found that before the examination economy is gradually warming, the education and training institutions are facing more enrollment season, education and training institutions and even opened fees of nearly 140 thousand yuan price Paul had class". Postgraduate education and training institutions to launch a brochure. Lv Chunrong she opened astronomical training institutions Paul had class, claiming to be able to take the relationship with the released another year recruitment notice, prepare for the postgraduate group also began to enter the sprint stage. In order to get admitted to the ideal university, many graduate student at the cost of training classes to enroll in a multitude of names. Because the students a huge market, this time of year, the various training institutions have also targeted the postgraduate group, they not only play eye-catching advertising, also launched a series of preferential policies, such as the registration session enjoy "registration coupon" or "registration minus 2000 yuan, etc.. Daily economic news reporter noted that the price of this class is more than ten thousand yuan, mostly in the 20 thousand yuan to about $50 thousand. In addition, some education training institutions also launched a price high price "Kaoyan Paul had class, among them, headquartered in training institutions in Beijing Zhongguancun area opened nearly 140 thousand yuan tuition Paul had class". According to the training institutions Teacher Wang, Paul had class doesn’t mean that it can fully guarantee the students admitted to the ideal school, if you didn’t pass back a penny, but as long as the students had just entered the second test, no problem. Last year, we have 15 students enrolled in the insurance classes, 14 people admitted to the examination, and the remaining one through the adjustment, admitted to graduate students." The teacher Wang introduced. Wang said the registration of the insured over class students more than 90% probability of success. The reason is that on the one hand, carefully teaching, their daily institutions in addition, a big secret is that as long as the candidates passed the preliminary test retest, they can take the relationship". The picture is Kaba senior studio Taobao shop section. Network screenshot entrepreneurial team specializes in PubMed data estimated the annual income of 2 million yuan can prepare PubMed, some people choose to enroll postgraduate classes, some people will choose their pro forma review, therefore, all kinds of "dense volume" material "Kaoyan information also became their eyes baby". In a university in Sichuan to prepare for the entrance examination Duran told reporters, at present she has bought a lot of graduate information, has spent at least 1000 yuan, which, on the Internet to buy a light of a university Kaoyanzhenti, spent more than 500 yuan. In fact, such as Duran and many of the deceased, the purchase of information has become a big expense of their postgraduate entrance examination, to spend thousands of dollars to buy information is very common. Daily economic news reporter noted that some of the graduate students will be their year’s pro forma notes hanging on the school forum or online sale, in addition, some entrepreneurial team is also specialized in the related business. In Nanjing, founded by several college students "Kaba Senior Test 6相关的主题文章: