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The post | technology largest merger, DELL acquisition of EMC- Sohu science and technology industry’s biggest merger was born! DELL $60 billion acquisition of EMC DELL announced the completion of the acquisition of $60 billion acquisition of EMC agreement, the largest merger in the history of science and technology was born. The new company will be named DELL Technology (Dell Technologies), IT aims to become a one-stop commercial mall, will be headquartered in EMC located in Massachusetts — hopkinton. The new business will focus on cloud services, and promote the integration of server and storage areas. On the other hand, EMC’s global desktop to Data Center Virtualization solutions vendor VMware will still exist as an independent listed company. The merger of DELL and EMC will complement each other. As the world’s third largest PC manufacturers DELL products for SMEs is very attractive, and EMC storage products are favored by large enterprises. Analysts believe that after the merger of the two companies, DELL will be able to sell more products to EMC customers. Via Yicai Tesla to Deutsche Bank borrowed $300 million for car rental project Tesla announced as part of a consolidation of the company financial measures, has reached an agreement with Deutsche bank. Under the agreement, Tesla on its car rental projects to Deutsche Bank borrowing up to $300 million. Tesla said in a filing with the securities and Exchange Commission, said the new liquidity means that the car rental project in the Tesla’s own cash demand will be significantly reduced". Therefore, the company needs to open the market to reduce the size of the financing. Tesla also said that the value of the company’s mortgage assets limit its ability to borrow. Via ifeng Intel spin off of McAfee:31 billion dollars will sold a majority stake in the investment company TPG, Intel said the company will spin off its McAfee network security department, with $3 billion 100 million in cash price to sell a majority stake to the investment company TPG. TPG will hold 51% stake in the new entity, so the calculation of debt, the company’s valuation of $4 billion 200 million. Intel in 2011 to spend $7 billion 700 million acquisition of McAfee, the company will continue to hold 49% of its shares after the spin off. Intel tried to revive the network security business, but did not succeed. Intel’s acquisition of McAfee said it would integrate the company’s technology into its own chip, but this plan has not been implemented. McAfee was renamed the Intel security division in 2014, but after the completion of the transaction, will re enable the McAfee brand name. Both sides expect the transaction to be completed in the second quarter of 2017. Via Sina us I相关的主题文章: