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Portugal announced the decision to retain Milo works not to sell jinshen

Portugal announced that retained the works of Milo decided not to sell the "Milo studio scene restored Spanish artist Juan. Milo (Joan Miró); the birds, stars, women and other elements of the symbol, the painting has a concise and extraordinary composition, can inspire people. He can expect, their works will become large inflows of Portugal, could save the Treasury elixir, and even lead to two years of debate. In 2014, the Portuguese government had made plans to sell 85 pieces of works of Milo have official, to fill nearly $110 billion (about NT $three trillion yuan) debt, by folk strong opposition, thus delayed sale. At the end of September this year, Portugal’s prime minister announced that they decided to work in Portugal city wave (Porto), started in October to Serra Weiss Museum of modern art (Serralves Museum of  Contemporary Art) display, extended to the end of January next year. The sketch map of 2012, a "painting" Miro’s works have been in London Christie’s auction auction, but the last unsold. This batch of Miro’s works market value of about 35 million euros (then worth more than NT $1 billion 400 million), was originally a Portuguese Commercial Bank (Banco  Portuguê s de Negó CIOs) of. Because of the failure of the operation, the Portuguese commercial bank was nationalized in 2008, the right to hold the work of the government. In the nationalized, they have been held in Portugal commercial bank warehouse, has never been publicly before. In 2009, former Portuguese commercial bank executive Jose · Oliveira J de (Jose Oliveirae Costa) said in consultation with bank failures hearings, Congress should not waste time consulting works of Milo things, "they are a good business’, ‘don’t forget these works is money." The Spanish painter Juan · Milo at the beginning of 2014, the Portuguese government decided in London Christie’s sold Milo works, including painting, sculpture and collage, a curator of Carlos. Nunes (Carlos Cabral Nunes) initiated the petition activities on the Internet in early January with more than 8800 signatures. Portugal’s two opposition parties will also send the proposal to parliament. The auction was delayed until June, due to public outcry, which was rejected by the judge in the year of August. To pay off the debt, the Portuguese government has sold some of its assets, earning about 1/10 of its total debt. However, decide what cultural assets should be preserved, is kept in the domestic debate topic. Although the government’s decision to let experts, art lovers sigh of relief, the future of these works is still not clear, they will still be regulated by the government, or even sold to private collectors. However, according to the guardian (The Guardian), an official)相关的主题文章: