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Police escort Nanjing, Liuhe, nearly a thousand Cobra sent to Taizhou – People’s network Jian-autobots

The police escort   Nanjing Liuhe 1000 Cobra sent to Taizhou – Jiangsu channel people.com.cn — people.com.cn original title: police escort, nearly 1000 cobra cobra was sent to Taizhou to the Taizhou correspondent for the relevant reports: Nanjing Liuhe Cobra flight accident: more than and 50 missing Nanjing Liuhe flight Cobra yet the seizure of farms has been seized a major social concern Nanjing Liuhe Cobra escape incident yesterday, has made new progress, previously housed in nearly a thousand Cobra farms, after Nanjing City Forestry Department matchmaking, in 13 at 4 pm, in the Liuhe forest police escorted the car to the wild animal Taizhou farms a qualified. Modern Express reporter at the scene to see the transfer, the police have set up a number of warning lines to prevent accidents. In order to ensure the safe transfer of the cobra, the local Liuhe forest forestry police station sent police in the farms surrounding layers of card cloth, without police permission, no person shall be near the scene, involved in the transfer of personnel into farms, must wear protective tools. After inventory, the police found that there are still 980 glasses of the zoo, weighing about 15 kg, the smallest Cobra only long chopsticks. In order to ensure that the way will not hurt, no danger of anything going wrong, but also to avoid accidental death, the police also found a special container to 5 Sheng cobra. In order to transport safety, Nanjing forestry department also sent experts to cooperate with forest police to provide technical guidance. At 4 in the afternoon, the cobra was shipped to Taizhou. Liuhe Forestry Department staff then used drugs on the farm and the surrounding pollution-free disinfection treatment, then was Liuhe Forest Farm Forestry Station seal. According to the police on the scene, the Liuhe Public Security Bureau has sent a special person to Guangdong, looking for the purchase channels and real sources of this unlicensed farm Cobra eggs. In order to lift the local villagers fear of cobra, the local staff sent to the surrounding farmers in the home, the promotion of snakes and emergency measures. At present, the local search Cobra work is still ongoing, there are still more than 150 specialized personnel every day, the surrounding area of 5 kilometers to search, each lot has been searched multiple times. Reporters yesterday in an interview with the village near the village noted that compared with a few days ago, some villagers fear eased a lot. (Ye Fanglong Sun Yuchun) (commissioning editor Ma Xiaobo and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: