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Ping An Bank, the electronic information industry, the Ministry of Finance set up five areas of force Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! September 8th, Ping An Bank Financial Business Electronic Information Industry Department (hereinafter referred to as the "electronic information division") inaugurated in Beijing, which is the electronic information industry in the domestic banking institutions first head office level. So far, Ping An Bank division structure to "11+7+1" (the 11 products division, 7 industry division, 1 Platform Division), the formation of real estate, transportation, energy resources, modern logistics, modern agriculture, health care, cultural tourism, eight electronic information industry chain of "full coverage" mode. The opening ceremony, more than 40 outstanding enterprises of electronic information industry to join the "golden orange Electronic Information Industry Club, Ping An Bank and Chinese Electronic Information Industry Association jointly issued the" electronic information industry China fusion acting white paper ". The layout of the electronic information industry is the construction of the industrial chain ecosystem at present, along with the technological innovation of electronic information industry to speed up the frequency and degree of industrial integration deepening, social ecology is quietly evolved to the intelligent society. From the performance of the global economy and Chinese economic transformation trend, the electronic information industry is the world’s more innovative drive and wider and deeper penetration areas, has become the current global economic and social development of the important driving force. As a fast growing joint-stock commercial bank, Ping An Bank in recent years, relying on the integrated financial advantages of Ping An Group, "out of the bank to do banking, cross-border integration of resources, cultivating the whole industry chain, business model innovation, solid support industrial upgrading, and effectively serve the real economy. We focus on the supply side reform of commercial banks, adhere to the "to" focus on vertical market segments, to promote professional management, actively support national economic transformation and upgrading, support industries’ Belt and Road Initiative ‘strategy, hold together, go out node chain." Ping An Bank President Shao Ping pointed out in his speech, the electronic Financial Services Ministry of information industry is the ecological financial platform in the field of electronic information in Ping An Bank, carrying the dream and practice of Ping An Bank and industry partners win-win development. In this platform, Ping An Bank will work with industry leading, leading research institutions and outstanding investment institutions to form a community of interests, the integration of resources, complement each other, creating new ecological industry and finance. Shao Ping said, Ping An Bank Finance Division of electronic information industry to actively support the intelligent electronic information industry base and Industrial Park transformation and upgrading of manufacturing services, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" and "Internet plus" development strategy; construction and operation support services in modern city, service in the "new urbanization", "wisdom City" the overall development of the construction of electronic information industry innovation; support entrepreneurship public platform, the latest demand for "public entrepreneurship, innovation"; support for the construction of cross-border think tank research system, the integration of production, learning and research, investment, finance and other fields, cultivating resources, adapt to the new normal development of new intelligence system demand. theory相关的主题文章: