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People’s Daily country foot chicken Coaching can not solve the fundamental problem candy candy

People’s Daily "country foot chicken Coaching:" can not solve the fundamental problem: the original title for Chinese pulse football consensus (Sports mission) new Orangemen defeated, chicken coaching the hearts of the people, is anxious. Clear thinking, a consensus, as well as current stops, is necessary for the future on the resignation of Gao Hongbo, Chinese Football Association once again launched the national football Xuanshuai program. In the basic has missed the world cup, but there are still 6 games under the condition of both parties or onlookers, is undoubtedly a bitter Huanshuai. Is a "miracle Russia qualified for the 2018 World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12 men to Chinese". Although the excitement, people will be expected to re emergence of a miracle, but the last 4 games left the country and the fans back to reality. The first two just passable, after two hardly qualified, among them, Gao Hongbo’s commanding thought also aroused controversy, it is the main reason of his class of. Of course, Gao Hongbo is not responsible for all the problems, not also can not solve the fundamental problem China football, even can not solve the fundamental problem of the country full. But, in the gap of all-round, clue tangled situation, change seems to be not a solution approach. The change before and after inevitably noisy. For the country, this situation is suffering. The country foot as an important benchmark China football, once again proved from the bottom the arduous and tortuous climb. Comparison of long-term planning, short-term goals more easily lost natural dissatisfaction, which led to the house, even if torrents of ridicule scold, wronged anger, probably need to bear teeth. What is the most important thing for Chinese football in such a difficult time? Find consensus, consensus, is a priority. Over the years, the Chinese football to take a lot of detours. From architecture to Youth League ideas, from the style of the team to Xuanshuai concept, no not adrift, no consensus, no more force. Is in such a noisy chaos, the player — the key index of technical and tactical ability is spiralling down on the wane. Look back on the past 20 years, the goal of planning stage has become a mirage and insubstantial objects create more laughingstock. To find consensus in the 2018 World Cup and lopsided, and is no longer an important basis for the future to continue to pay the price. Consensus is the first clear understanding of the status quo. Now China soccer level, over the years is the accumulation of all kinds of evil. The 12 match to score is not easy, the resignation of Gao Hongbo, 6 games behind the ball can not let things drift. Pragmatic adjustment goal and mentality, seize the opportunity and Asian strong adversaries accumulate experience, but also seriously more long-term future attitude. Consensus needs to adhere to the path of development. Chinese football has a long-term development plan, starting from the foundation, starting from the young people is a fundamental policy. Until now, many aspects also need to change, reform has not been put in place, must not because of the national team’s defeat and sway wavering, flighty and impetuous. Sick to go on foot, football people have enough determination and perseverance, the influence of social environment and soil football culture also needs a long road reconstruction. The new chicken coaching, lost, the hearts of the people is anxious. Clear thinking, a consensus, both for the current stop,.相关的主题文章: