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Peking University will cancel the administrative level of the Department of leadership to employ the-avbox

The university will cancel the administrative level by hiring faculty leadership posts – Beijing by hiring staff posts to strengthen the sequence construction and interview assessment of Xinhua news agency, Peking University President Lin Jianhua said the day before, the comprehensive reform of Peking University is steadily advancing, the effect gradually appear. In terms of personnel reform, Peking University will try to cancel the administrative level of the administrative leadership of the Department, and the use of employment, to further weaken the administrative level, strengthen personnel mobility. As a world-class university, according to the national plan, Peking University last year began to develop a comprehensive reform plan, from the 5 aspects of the education system, personnel system, management system, academic system and resource allocation system. At present, the school different units and departments are in accordance with the overall deployment of comprehensive reform work. Lin Jianhua introduction, the school administration personnel reform has not yet started, the current appointment system is mainly in Beijing, the implementation of the management of teachers and academic institutions. For the college level, the future will attempt to cancel the administrative department leadership of the administrative level, including the director of the dean and vice president, director and deputy department, the office will be disengaged with the administrative level. Relevant documents are being developed. It is understood that after the abolition of administrative level, Beijing will adopt employment posts, different people have different ways of appointment, and "the past is the way to use administrative requirements, a set of management cadres". At the same time, Lin Jianhua believes that the future should also strengthen the construction of the north university staff sequence, an annual assessment. "If the staff has done a good job of building the sequence, we hope to weaken the administrative level of the school as far as possible in the future. Let the staff flow in different positions between up and down." Lin Jianhua said that China’s universities to adapt to social development, but also need to focus on the future, continuous adjustment, and strive to explore, adapt and play a leading role. Therefore, reform and innovation is a very important topic in Chinese universities. For Peking University, keeping positive innovation, leading the future is the overall guiding ideology of development and reform. The national long-term talent development plan – related policy "- June 2010 (20102020 years)" published the full text of the "Outline", pointed out that to overcome the talent management exist in the administration of the "official standard" tendency, cancel the scientific research institutes, schools, hospitals and other institutions to the actual existence of the administrative and executive level management model. In November 2013 the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the Party passed the "decision" of the CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues, the "decision" is put forward, the phasing out of schools, research institutes, hospitals and other units of the administrative level, the corporate governance structure established institutions. Promote the transformation of qualified institutions into enterprises or social organizations. May 2015 – the official website of the Ministry of Education issued "the Ministry of education to further promote the education management and running score from a number of opinions" and promote the transformation of government functions, requirements and actively create conditions to gradually abolish the school administrative level. July 2016 – the spokesman for the Ministry of human resources and social security Li Zhong at a news conference made it clear that "the research to develop universities, public hospitals not satisfied.相关的主题文章: