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Park blossom everywhere chaos frequent   the construction of flood form — Finance — people.com.cn hundreds of thousands of square meters of the site, the eye-catching plaque, and computer…… Luoyang city in a business incubator, although the appearance of the style, Pioneer Park is a deserted house, only a handful of businesses opened. This is not uncommon in some cities the reality of the picture, it is a deep-seated problem should be vigilant. "Economic Reference News" reporter in Shanxi, Henan and other research found that in the "entrepreneurial innovation peoples" mass advancement and the highlights at the same time, some concerns have surfaced: some places will be the number of times when the results, to Blossom Park within a short period of time; some hastily hung brand, Tuliu form part of the park construction; seemingly lively flourishing, the actual effect is really worrying. A quantity, fast growth, blossom everywhere centralized listing…… In recent years, the booming business park and incubator base, will undoubtedly become the most dazzling scenery in many places. However, the reporter found that some local construction of the park is too fast, too much, even regardless of the condition of rushing headlong into the signs has caused many experts and grassroots concerns. Along the way all the way to the University of Taiyuan street, a section of about 500 meters on the side of the road, there are 3 Venture Park, entrepreneurial market impressively. Less than two years, the city’s only high-tech zones appear "double base" of more than 30; in Henan city of Luoyang, as of July this year, the total number of the city’s "double" park nearly 20, the incubation bases determined only by social sectors have 10; Shanxi Changzhi City, vigorously carry out the "entrepreneurial city construction, the city community sector that to declare provincial demonstration park, incubator has reached 6…… However, in the "double" the construction of the park with vigour and vitality development at the same time, "the number is better, how many other questions are followed in the park". Shanxi Yuncheng Xinjiang construction business park planning in 10 townships, the county has now completed 5. "A county can have how many entrepreneurs, how many college students, need so many Venture Park?" The county entrepreneur Zhang Peng think impassability. Southeast of Shanxi, a country to support the development of key county resident population of 30 thousand, the county’s annual revenue was only $80 million, over the past 3 years, college graduates only more than 400 people in the county archives. But in June this year, the county is a county to put up a pageantry and accessories business department store shopping center award, the county has become the only one "business incubators". After a month, the reporter visited in the nearby shopping center asked, but no one knows where the business park. In the shopping center is always multi search, did not find a policy to enjoy college student entrepreneurs. Finally, the mall office staff revealed the truth: "the business in the application stage, recently a dozen people asked to register, while hanging cards, but now no mall shops." He said, until September this year to see if there is no rent due to rent free shop merchants. The county people club Bureau relevant responsible person said, before also done related research, the effect is not good, but the state is required to respond to the call, the county listed business base. County)相关的主题文章: