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[Pakistan] Silk Road thousands of iron and iron friendship – Sohu travel-e2140

[Pakistan] driving Silk Road thousands of Pakistan friendship iron – Sohu tourism "if you have not been to Pakistan, will never be able to experience the people of Pakistan Chinese and Chinese people friendly and enthusiastic." This description can often see in the media, but when you really do feel personally on the scene. Follow the "driving the Silk Road in the ABA friendly Tour team starting from Yinchuan, along the Silk Road, after Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang Chinese, then across the whole territory of Pakistan, Oman arrived at the port of the maritime Silk Road, after a total of 26 city, traveling more than 11 thousand kilometers, traveling in the territory of Pakistan for 10 days, from a traveler, a Chinese perspective Pakistan witnessed 65 years of profound sentiments of friendship is what kind of touching. FAW Pentium X80 "drive the Silk Road · in the ABA friendly Wanlixing" included China, Oman, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and other countries as well as the support of local government. Although the domestic travelling for 20 days before leaving the country began in Pakistan and other countries of the trip, but the journey from the beginning was surrounded by love and passion. From the Khunjerab entry, the team marched in the Karakoram Highway, the wheels of each rotation can evoke because this highway connecting the friendship between China and pakistan. The Karakoram Highway is called the highest in the world the most beautiful road, the road of friendship is pakistan. The Chinese helping Pakistan to build the road when there are hundreds of China engineering and technical personnel have lost their lives in here, there are 88 martyrs buried in Pakistan Gilgit. Because of the China cordial pay let Pakistan old Ahmad here voluntarily for Chinese martyrs cemetery Shou Ling 38 years from 1978 onwards, the cemetery built his 22 year old, now is the sixty years of age. A peer buddy and Shou Ling old man can see too much of the world. Beautiful scenery on the road, a Golden Avenue in the autumn, several thousand meters at the end of the road is always Snow gleams white. mountains, in the blue sky under the shining bright luster. The way is clear, the distance sunset often make people forget to pick up the camera in the hands of the one and only record the beauty, even the dust off the parade are silhouetted against the snow and the sun become beautiful. Often on the road for a while, it will be more grateful for such an experience, perhaps only once in a lifetime of such a journey, but this time it is a lifetime of precious wealth can not be forgotten. In the autumn golden Boulevard team to snow hill marching snow capped mountains, blue sky, clear water, see the scenery also forget the fatigue of the journey. Good luck, good weather. From the Khunjerab entry to Pakistan is more beautiful than the scenery along the way more shocking is the people of Pakistan for China and Chinese people friendly and enthusiastic. In the process of advancing toward Pakistan capital Islamabad, hundreds of kilometers away, the team.相关的主题文章: