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Paid Survey Scams; The Shocking Report-www.33bbb.com

UnCategorized I’ll have to admit that I’m not the expert on Paid Survey Systems and their money making strategies. Before I did this report, I did have a small bit of knowledge about these programs, but these systems don’t really apply to the business niches that I’ve chosen to pursue, Thankfully I’ve managed to make a few friends in the online world in the few years I’ve been involved in Internet marketing. One of these friends happens to be an expert in the survey field and was glad to help me with this review. You’ll find out as you read on why I HAD to get this report out. From the Desk of : Leila Gabrielle Tuesday : 11:10 AM Paid online surveys are one way companies collect market research for their products and/or services. Companies spend billions of dollars each year on advertising so they are always looking for ways to get a competitive edge in the marketplace. To give you an idea on what these companies are looking for, are your opinion on different shows you watch, to find out what your shopping habits are, and why you buy certain products. They need this information to make money so they are willing to pay consumers – like you – very good money in return for their opinion. Because it is an easy way to make money at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home paid online surveys are quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to earn extra income on the Internet. Many of the paid online survey sites out there claim that you can make $50 to $150 per hour. But is this claim to good to be true? If you have ever conducted any research for paid surveys on the web like I have you will quickly find out that there are millions of sites all claiming the same thing. Plus, how do you know which ones are legitimate and which ones are not without spending a ton of time and money? Well, after consulting with my friend I’m extremely glad I had him to help, otherwise I would have wasted a ton of my money without learning anything useful, other than how many scammers are really out there. That is why I’ve done the survey review; this niche market is just full of scams. Here’s the Shocking Truth: Only 3.6% of the sites offer the number of paying companies they advertised! (87.6% of them actually have less than 1/6 of their advertised database of paying companies.) Only 5.8% of them updates their database regularly to ensure valid companies and working links! (An astonishing 90.5% of them have not updated their database for over 2 years resulting in a large number of outdated directories and non-working links!) More than 4/5 of the sites require you to pay additional fees in order to gain access to their so-called "premium high paying companies". These companies are actually listed for free on other reputable sites! Over 90% of them never replied our emails and those that did completely denied our requests for refunds! Once they got our money, they insisted on keeping it. Imagine the number of people who got scammed and couldn’t get their money back! Overall, my friend has rated 93.1% of the paid survey sites as Complete Utter SCAMS and has reported them to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), in the hope that their sites will be taken down and less people scammed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: