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Inferior imitation products hinder the development of instrumentation industry|Inferior imitation products hinder the development of instrumentation industry

The rapid development of

in our country, some problems can not be ignored, especially the problem of inferior imitation. Although China has made a lot of development of instrumentation, but some of the technical level of domestic instruments and meters behind, but also remain in the reference and imitation of foreign products, and even in the same industry to imitate each other. More vicious imitation of the growth, disrupting the market order of the instrument and meter industry, undermine the healthy development of the industry.

illegal imitation often have a huge impact on the domestic many famous instrument and meter brand. Some famous instruments and meters brand, with its own brand influence, product performance and quality, and good after-sales service by consumers. And imitation products can only be similar in shape, in performance, specifications, quality, safety and other aspects can not meet the requirements, has become a poor imitation.

instrument inferior imitation products not only hurt the interests of the original manufacturers, but also harm the interests of consumers. These substandard products emerge in an endless stream problems in the application, the performance is not stable, affect the production and operation of equipment, or can not meet the application requirements, and there is a big security risk, may lead to industrial accidents, brought harm to consumer applications. And these fake products also damaged the interests of the original manufacturer, its brand building caused a huge impact, so that the truth of the consumers of their products and brands have lost confidence.

therefore, the development of instrumentation industry at the same time, but also to pay attention to and solve these problems. The only solution to the problem of inferior imitation, can guarantee the enterprise enthusiasm for the instrument innovation, in order to guarantee the application of the safety of consumers, in order to allow users to more information on domestic instrumentation products, so as to promote the development of the industry.

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Reactor products and classification|Reactor products and classification

EasyChem reaction kettle

E50 full automatic reactor, E100 full automatic reactor, E250 automatic reactor, E500 full automatic reactor

micro reactor

1, SLM10, SLM25 Mini micro reactor 2 reactor, 3 SLM50 micro reactor 4, SLM100 5, SLM250 Mini micro reactor reactor 6, SLM500 7, 10ml Mini micro reactor reactor 8, 25ml 9, 50ml Mini micro reactor reactor   10, 100ml & nbsp micro reactor 11, 250ml; 12, 500ml Mini micro reactor reactor, 13 digital micro reactor 14, hydrogenation reactor 15, micro magnetic stirring micro reactor 16, the catalytic reaction of micro reactor 17, sapphire micro reactor 18, high temperature and high pressure micro photochemical reactor 19, light chemical micro reactor 20, micro reactor 21, micro reactor

parallel reaction kettle

1, SLP210, SLP225 parallel reactor 2 parallel reactor 3, SLP250 parallel reactor 4, SLP410 5, SLP425 parallel reactor parallel reactor 6, SLP450 7, SLP610 parallel reactor parallel reactor 8, SLP625 9, SLP650 parallel reactor parallel reactor 10, SLP810 11, SLP825 parallel parallel reaction kettle reactor 12, SLP850 13, SLP2100 parallel reactor parallel reactor 14, SLP2250 15, SLP2500 parallel reactor parallel reactor 16, SLP4100 parallel reactor 17, SLP4250 18, SLP4500 parallel reactor parallel reactor 19, SLP6100 20, SLP6250 parallel reactor parallel reactor 21, parallel reactor 22, SLP6500 SLP8100 parallel reactor 23, SLP8250 24, SLP8500 parallel reactor parallel reactor 25, a high pressure micro parallel reactor 26, parallel reactor 27, double parallel reactor 28, multiple parallel reactor 29, multi function Reaction kettle 30, micro parallel reactor 31, parallel reactor 32, magnetic stirring parallel reactor



high pressure reaction kettle

In Experiment 2,

1 reactor, heat conducting oil heating reactor, 3 wheel lifting reactor 4, lifting lifting reactor 5, hydrogenation reactor 6, 7 electric magnetic stirring reactor and stirred tank reactor 8, multifunctional reactor 9, autoclave, 10 high temperature reactor 11>


Stainless steel high pressure reaction kettle|Stainless steel high pressure reaction kettle

stainless steel autoclave (
(5): internal (magnetic stirring stirring method magnetic stirring);
(7), a kettle body and a kettle cover internal component material: 316L stainless steel;
   e.  气体释放阀
                  电源配置:200 – 240 V /AC,50 – 60 Hz

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The catalytic technology for the rapid transformation of the economic structure of the whole automat|The catalytic technology for the rapid transformation of the economic structure of the whole automat

Full automatic micro reactor "catalytic technology" assist-boost economic restructuring of       full automatic micro reactor "assist-boost economic structural transformation of the catalytic technology in recent years, micro autoclave with catalyst in the academic field of basic research and applied research field of catalytic science and technology aspects of the new progress and results, in-depth study of the opportunities and challenges facing the future development direction and catalytic field, promote mutual understanding and cooperation, promote the development of China’s science and technology in catalysis. The new power boost technological innovation to stimulate economic growth.

3.2  desktop, fixed head; reactor;  

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Basic structure of high temperature and high pressure photochemical reaction kettle|Basic structure of high temperature and high pressure photochemical reaction kettle

sapphire window high pressure reactor is composed of four parts: the tank, the tank cover, the mirror and the flange cover of the mirror. The tank body and the tank cover constitute the main part of the equipment, which is the place of the medium experiment. The tank body and the tank cover are assembled with the main bolt which is evenly distributed. The opening of the tank cover is provided with a pointer type pressure gauge port and an air discharge port, and an air inlet port is provided with a liquid inlet port, a

sealing surface is very smooth, operating and maintenance should pay attention to protection, if the use of reasonable, can be used more than a thousand times. The main bolt is tightened not overexert, shall not exceed the prescribed tightening torque range of 80~120N.M; and according to the diagonal distribution principle, evenly tighten the bolt tightening in 2~3 times, in order to prevent the crowded bad sealing surface. Loading and unloading tank cover, tohandlegentlyand, sealing surface to prevent collisions, the appearance of scars. After the sealing surface damage, to re repair the polishing, the side can restore the sealing performance. Check whether the pipe fittings and fasteners loose and tight, but also need to check whether the instrument failure.

after the completion of the above work, air tightness test according to the design pressure, medium for nitrogen or other inert gas, prohibited the use of flammable and explosive gas, pressure must be graded, holding 15~30 minutes, there shall be no leakage. Repair and re test after decompression.

equipment control box should be placed in a separate set of dry, sanitary and well ventilated electrical control workshop. The cooling tank is not allowed by heating and fast cooling speed, to prevent the crack caused by thermal stress. When the temperature difference between inside and outside of the tank should be taken into account when the temperature difference between inside and outside of the tank should be taken into consideration, the heating rate should be reduced appropriately. Needle valve line seal, just gently turn the valve needle, the pressure of the close cover, that is, to achieve good sealing, prohibit the use of excessive force, so as not to damage the sealing surface.

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High temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device|High temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device

high temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device





          technical personnel and the East China Normal University Professor returned for cooperation, micro reactor design and production, high temperature and high pressure sampling device, the device and the micro reactor is connected, to realize the sampling and analysis of reactor safety in high temperature and high pressure in the reaction process, fill the blank of domestic manufacturers in the reactor analysis autoclave on-line sampling, to replace the original reactor on pressure valve to many unsafe operation sampling.

Non gaseous on-line sampling device of high voltage

high temperature on-line sampling device relates to a high temperature and high pressure gas liquid solid three-phase reaction system, the sampler is composed of sampling base, like limit rod, gasket, metal ring, gasket, cover and switching device which is arranged in a base of sampling the sampling rod, and a groove is formed, gasket, were placed in the a metal ring, gasket, outside the gland, in front of the sampling rod within the L limit sample channel, the middle part is provided with a transverse cleaning hole at the two sides of the base wall is provided with inert purge and over sampling samples leads to take over, and the inert purge gas pipe is connected with the solvent tank, the imported sample leads to take over with the end of the sample collection chamber is connected to the connecting rod and the rear end of the switching device with sampling. To understand the high pressure reaction kettle on line sampling device, please call the product engineer, welcomed the purchase of micro reactor, customized high-pressure reaction kettle, hydrogenation reactor, laboratory reactor.