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Owe a lot of debt to turn the real man in the implementation of regulation quilt scam was arrested-winbook

Owe a lot of debt to turn the real man in the implementation of regulation quilt scam was arrested in the first half of this year Nanjing property market unpopular, but the home Jiangning Xu men outside the premise owe a large debt, playing the real hard money borrowed debts by wishful thinking. However, waiting for him to buy a house, the housing market due to the purchase of not seen soaring, locked Xu had been transferred to his name for the mortgage, borrow 2 million 600 thousand yuan to purchase not to the estate, but for other purposes. At present, Xu suspicion of fraud has been under criminal detention according to law. Not long ago, Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone police station received a public warning Mr. Xie, said he sold a house, the buyer Xu has failed to pay the 2 million 600 thousand yuan purchase, the implementation of fraud suspect each other. After the police investigation found that Xu paid 1 million yuan for the first payment of a purchase, the remaining about 2600000 yuan in bank loans has been run by dragging does not pay. But the police investigation found, real estate has actually been transfer to Xu, but he had to mortgage the house to a private investment company, the other side also paid 2 million 600 thousand yuan of money to xu. Police judge, Xu in the subjective intention of fraud. Soon, Xu was arrested and brought to justice. The face of police, Xu confessed everything. Originally, Xu is an investment company boss, because this year encountered financial problems, the company can not operate normally, this also owed a huge debt. In April this year, Xu saw the property market unpopular, but a friend Jo said that Jiangning housing prices will soon rise, if the first to buy a hand can make a fortune. Xu think this a good idea, will look at the house. Through an intermediary, Xu Xie’s fancy house, Xiemou asking price 3 million 650 thousand yuan. Because no money on hand, Xu Cao Mouxian paid 1 million yuan Shoufu, and then Xiemou for the property transfer procedures, the rest of the money through bank loans. However, due to credit tainted Xu, the bank refused loans, so he found a private investment company, the real estate as collateral, was paid 2 million 600 thousand yuan. Xu explained that the housing prices rose by themselves will be able to get out of it, but also make a lot of money, so he did not think of doing this after all, local housing prices did not rise, but also met the policy regulation. Seeing the Xiemou frequently come bombarded 1629, Xu had to bank loans to run on the grounds of prevarication. In the face of other creditors, Xu will be 2 million 600 thousand yuan in loans for their debts. At present, Xu suspicion of fraud, criminal detention by the police.

男子欠大量外债想炒房翻身 遇调控被套实施诈骗被抓今年上半年南京楼市火爆,然而家住江宁的男子徐某在外面欠下了大量债务的前提下,打起了借炒房猛赚一笔用以还债的如意算盘。然而,等他一出手买房后,房市因限购不见暴涨,被套牢的徐某将已过户至自己名字的房产抵押,借得的260万元购房尾款没有交给卖房者,而是挪作他用。目前,徐某因涉嫌诈骗已被警方依法刑事拘留。前不久,南京江宁开发区派出所接到市民谢先生报警,称自己卖了一套房子,买方徐某至今没有支付260万元的购房尾款,怀疑对方实施诈骗。警方介入调查后发现,徐某购房时支付了100万元的首付款,剩下的260多万元则一直以银行贷款未办好为由拖着不付。但警方通过侦查发现,房产其实已过户给了徐某,但他已就将房子抵押给了一家民间投资公司,对方也支付了260万元的款项给徐某。警方据此判断,徐某有诈骗的主观故意。很快,徐某被警方抓获归案。面对民警,徐某交代了一切。原来,徐某本是一家投资公司的老板,今年因为遇到资金问题,公司无法正常运转,为此还欠下了巨额债务。今年4月,徐某看到楼市火爆,而朋友曹某又说江宁的房价很快就要涨,如果先下手买一套,转手就能捞一笔。徐某觉得这个主意不错,便看起了房子。通过中介,徐某看中了谢某的房子,谢某要价365万元。因为手头没钱,徐某让曹某先垫付了100万元首付,然后和谢某办理了房产过户手续,剩下的钱通过银行贷款。不过,因徐某有信用有污点,银行拒贷,于是他便找到民间投资公司,将房产作为抵押,得款260万元。徐某交代称,本以房价一涨自己就能脱身而出,还能大赚一笔,没想到等他办好这一切之后,当地的房价不仅没涨,还遇上了政策调控。眼见着谢某频频前来催要房款,徐某只得以银行贷款未办好为由搪塞。而面对其他债主,徐某则将260万元贷款用于自己还债。目前,徐某因涉嫌诈骗,已被警方依法刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: