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Opt-in Email Marketing Setting Up Automatic Income Streams-truffe

Internet-Marketing Opt-In Email Marketing can be setup in such a way as to provide you with profits and activity even when you’re on vacation or traveling for fun. Ask yourself now is your business simply another job or a proper business? What’s the test to find out? Well, do you work more IN your business or ON it? Could you leave your business for a week and the profits stay consistent? What about 2 weeks? If your profit would die in two weeks, you have a job. Here are some things you can do to prevent creating more jobs for yourself, and instead create stable income streams. 1) Pre-record as much content: eg: emails, pre-sales communications, offers, complete sales funnels, video content, etc. Create a content factory if you will, and have an assistant, if only part time to aid if you are able. If not do more work up front, but then pre-populate your autoresponder with the appropriate materials. You’ll be surprised that the same income you can get from sending mails every day can still come in on an automated basis. 2) Promote continuity and membership sites often, both as an affiliate and later on, with your own content. What a wonderful benefit to have steady and ever increasing income each month, before you even actively promote anything. That’s the power of promoting continuity programs like membership sites. One program paying $40 per member per month, can quickly add up, with only 20 members paying you a steady $800 a month. 3) Outsource where possible. Look to markets outside the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia for your resources, where labor is much more reasonable. With technologies like Skype and Google docs for tracking and working together, there’s no reason to not outsource more and more as you go and cashflow increases. You can get your first outsourcer part time from just a few hundred dollars a month. Well worth countless hours saved. They can do everything from content creation, SEO, website work, and more. 4) Work ON your business but not IN it. As the business owner you should always look to improve processes within your business. Your main aim is to reach more people (more leverage) and provide even increasing value. Work at the strategy level. Attend seminars and possess the knowledge and tools, and let others implement them more and more. 5) Practice continuous improvement and testing. The Japanese call it Kaizen, in the USA it’s called improving the sales funnel. But whatever the name, the concept is the same. Do testing, compare two things at a time, focus on what’s working, and then do more testing, until response rates improve over and over. A great tool for that is called Hypertracker.com. 6) Increase responsiveness by engaging your audience on multiple levels: text, video, audio, imagery, polling and interactivity, and social networking are all ideas to increase interaction and responsiveness. This will increase profits that are made from the same efforts, compounding your work over time. This will also create customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases and referrals. What you will gain is much higher customer value and build real relationships that will pay you for years to come. Make your customers comfortable with you and your buying process, and feel appreciated and you will have a stable business asset in your life. Improve and automate and you will have your time as well as business income, which is really priceless! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: