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Oprah Not Following Obama On Twitter-www.66bobo.com

Arts-and-Entertainment I was very relunctent to start Twitter. Don’t I already have enough in my life with myspace, facebook, and Youtube. Thats what I thought to myself. However, I heard a lot of celebritities were on Twitter saying interesting .ments. So I decided I had better see what all the .motion was all about. The first thing I did when I got to Twitter was find the celebrity pages. I went to Oprah’s page first. I noticed that since joining Twitter Oprah has followed notable celebrities like Shaq, Hugh Jackson, and the Kutchers. However, there is one noteworthy person that she is not following. She is not following Barack Obama. Most would think that her first following would have been with Obama. After all Oprah is his number one fan. She pulled out all the stops to get him elected. Winfrey first endorsed Obama before he was even a candidate in September 2006. She made campaign appearances, and rallied behind Obama. So why is she not interested in Obama on Twitter? There are two major Barack Obama sites on Twitter. The most followed is Barack Obama with over one million followers. The other is Obama News with around 99,000 followers. Moreover, Oprah has really gotten involved with Twitter. There are two main Oprah sites on Twitter. Her main Twitter site were she tweets. She started tweeting on April 17th and has already obtained over 800,000 followers. Next in line is O Magazine with over 45,000 followers. The best unofficial site is witter../Oprah_Giveaways. There are a couple of reasons I think that she does not follow Obama. First, Obama has not tweeted much since the campaign has been over. After the Inauguration there have only been 4 tweets. Obama’a tweets are very impersonal. They look like press releases. It would be nice if he actually tweeted on how he is doing. After all that’s the slogan of Twitter . There have been a lot of Tweets on Obama News. However, the tweets on Obama News are not put out by Obama himself. One a side not I noticed that Oprah is not following O Magazine. Maybe she does not read the magazine either. Anyway, there have been other famous non followings. Palin who at first did not follow John McCain. However, not long after the "non following" was blogged about she was following McCain. I’m sure as soon as this gets out it will only take a few seconds before Oprah is following Obama. Or perhaps she has abandoned Obama for Shaq Diesel 2012. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: