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Software "The .panies can now better manage their information layer of online content, application files and other data stores with the help of open source Intranet software. This helps them to provide a hub for business processes and to distribute accurate and relevant knowledge to various stakeholders through a very robust and scalable permission engine. Its products like process manager, sales manager, project manager, quality manager, content manager, document manager, etc. are all part of a single, coherent data model that provides true integration of all relevant functionality across all relevant applications and products and could be customized as per .panies needs and offer you .plete choice in Operating System, Database and Browsers within an open source extendable framework. Open source Intranet software engagement models are designed to suit your every project and process related needs and it also helps new clients to request a process from approval of design mock ups to a fully working proof of concept before .mitting significant funds to the project. Open source Intranet software offers an enormous range of functionality across the business, and embraces every format of data into a single, managed information layer. It helps in encoding bespoke Intranet applications around a .mercially supported Intranet solution, which is supported by a range of Intranet services to make sure your project is a success. It fully supports Linux as well as Windows, runs on a choice of 3 databases to suit your infrastructure and it fully supports all modern browsers. Within the integrated collaboration software environment additional products can be seamlessly added for later phases of the project, only for relevant users and to avoid information overload on launch. Open source Intranet software provides unparallel security and saves the files from being tampered at the project level. Its permission structure ensures that only relevant users could access the relevant files. Open source Intranet software is so simple to use for the end user that no training is required and partners or suppliers can also experience seamless and efficient access to your extranet information through a login environment that securely protects extranet information for the relevant .panies only. It also facilitates easier transition from physical document management to e-document management. Open source Intranet software provides great value and fast implementation and its products can be installed, configured, populated and launched with no actual programming, so fast implementation with no project risk. The usefulness of this software is truly acknowledged by the .panies today and .panies are using this software to efficiently maintain their workflow and manage their projects. " About the Author: 相关的主题文章: