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On Valentine’s day, husband sends flowers, his wife gets excited and coughing leads to rib fracture bree daniels

Valentine’s day to send flowers to his wife husband excited cough rib fractures caused by Sohu – Hubei Beijing News News on 14 February, (Chen Min Tang Yi) February 14th Valentine’s day, wanted to take a romantic Kim first to his wife Ms. Zhang flowers, Ms. Zhang did not expect the moment continuous cough, actually cause rib fracture. 14 at about 10 a.m., 48 years old Ms. Zhang chest pain, accompanied by her husband Kim came down to the emergency department of Wuhan third hospital. Wuhan city hospital emergency department third weeks? When the doctor asked in detail about the history of the patient, Mr. Kim said: "today is Valentine’s day, morning morning after I saw near the shop to do activities, bought a bunch of flowers to the lover. Recently, she often cough because of a cold, I did not expect her to see the flowers I sent today, a moment of excitement, cough more severe, coughing while shouting chest pain." Because before the newspaper saw the cough may lead to fracture, Mr. Jin worried that his wife is not broken, this came to the hospital. Dr. Zhou detailed examination and film for Ms. Zhang diagnosed as the left sixth, eighth rib fracture. Dr. Zhou explained that, in general, cough will not lead to rib fracture. But Ms. Zhang is fat, height of less than 160CM, already weighs more than 140 pounds, with more abdominal fat, the regulating function of cavity pressure changes will be weaker than normal, if the series strong cough, huge pleural pressure acts on the ribs, may increase the possibility of rib fracture. Doctor Zhou reminded that patients with recurrent cough should go to the hospital as soon as possible, in addition to severe cough, it is best to squat, and press chest pain with hand to prevent rib fracture. (end)

情人节丈夫送鲜花 妻子激动咳嗽致肋骨骨折-搜狐新闻  中新网湖北新闻2月14日电(陈敏 汤漪)2月14日情人节,本想浪漫一把的金先生第一次给妻子张女士买花,没想到张女士一时激动连续咳嗽,竟导致肋骨骨折。   14日上午10点左右,48岁的张女士胸部疼痛,在丈夫金先生的陪同下来到武汉市第三医院急诊科。武汉市第三医院急诊科周?擘医生详细询问患者病史,金先生说:“今天是情人节,早上晨练完后我看到附近花店做活动,就买了一束花送给爱人。最近她因为感冒经常咳嗽,没想到她今天看到我送的花,一时激动起来,咳得更厉害,一边咳一边嚷着胸部疼。”因为之前在报纸上看到咳嗽有可能导致骨折,金先生担心妻子是不是骨折了,这才来到医院就诊。   周医生详细为张女士检查并拍片后确诊其为左侧第6、8肋骨骨折。周医生解释,一般情况下,咳嗽是不会导致肋骨骨折的。但是考虑张女士较胖,身高不足160CM,体重已经超过140斤,患者腹部脂肪较多,对于体腔压力变化的调节功能会比正常人弱,如果连续剧烈咳嗽,巨大的胸腔压力会作用于肋骨上,可能增加导致肋骨骨折的可能性。周医生提醒,反复咳嗽的病人应该尽早到医院就诊,另外剧烈咳嗽时最好下蹲,并用手按压胸部疼痛的地方,预防肋骨骨折。(完)相关的主题文章: