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On the two years of kindergarten 2+3= Do not know, Baoma special treatment to children – maternal So www.sdosta.org.cn

On the two years of kindergarten 2+3=? Do not know, Baoma special treatment to children – the | Sohu maternal text son who lives in Shanghai, Ms. Lin recently met a wonderful thing, early in the morning to send their children to kindergarten teacher was leaving a lesson. The reason is this: Ms. Lin’s daughter is 5 years old this year, a kindergarten, ordinarily have two years on the kindergarten, to several basic figures and Pinyin, the children now are not even ABC, less than 10 of the number is not recognized, not to mention the simple arithmetic 2+3. Ms. Lin was also thinking about nothing, such as children in primary school teacher always taught, but the day before yesterday was my niece and daughter to play at home, the little girl three character classic, disciple almost finished, and abacus yo, Pinyin is back can recite fluently from memory next semester but also began to learn English. As the saying goes "no harm" no comparison, Ms. Lin that anxious: this child was lost at the starting line, in case of primary school to keep up with how to do, this competition is too fierce. Ms. Lin decided from day to night began to give the child kaixiaozao, spelling, arithmetic, tracing all learn together, who knows the baby told the teacher in the classroom, the teacher alone invited her into a kindergarten education office: the most important thing is not to let the children learn the textbook knowledge, and let the children playing in the middle to common sense. I believe a lot of people will think that children go to kindergarten is to play, and some people would think that since the children have to learn to go to school, in fact, this is not the kindergarten thing to do. So in the end what kindergarten children? A good living habits. For 3-6 years old children learn to eat self-care ability, develop good habits is the main task for children. In the kindergarten, children can learn to speak politely, love health, quiet meal, not picky, wear their own clothes, independent toilet, how to get along with others, to share, to comply with the rules. Two. In the play to learn common sense children know things mainly rely on image thinking, they will learn to live in the game. For example, the red light stop green line, garbage to be classified, the bad guys to hit 110, the sun is open to the sun, too cold water will become ice, etc.. Conducting children love to beat is because of what? What’s the matter with the child’s temper? Children always love to watch TV play how to guide the phone? Does your child help with the housework at home? Children usually pay attention to extracurricular reading? The child crying in kindergarten how to do? If you have these doubts: please pay attention to WeChat public number: [mother’s reading]. Just to be a kid! There is no school in the world can be more important than the mother’s reading!相关的主题文章: