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Old teammate Rooney was removed to support poor performance should be replaced on the bench-www.souhu.com

Old teammate Rooney was removed: poor performance support should be replaced on the bench Fortune served in the United sina sports news Rooney Mourinho was still hanging to the bench in Beijing tonight’s Europa League VS Lugansk United game, the Manchester United captain or will continue to be abandoned, in this regard, Mourinho explained that "Rooney back injury". But there is no doubt that the sharp decline in the state, he is from becoming can hardly be avoided. In this regard, Rooney’s former teammates, played for Manchester United winger Quinton Fortune of South Africa is very open, he thinks Rooney is removed from the common sense. "This is not a sad thing, because it is a natural cycle. This kind of thing happens in everyone’s life. You must give enough convincing performance, take my former club experience, if you don’t show it, then the coach will remove you, for someone else to replace your position. Therefore, in order to keep the position must ensure stable performance, this is the reason why we work hard every day." (Alduin)相关的主题文章: