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Odd tree fish, star line pictures, fashion group together to create a new benchmark for large Sohu – mcncc

Odd tree fish, star line pictures, fashion group together to create a new benchmark for large Sohu – entertainment network movie production company top issue, "odd tree fish", September 6th in the afternoon and star line films on CO produced series network movie "fashion" 1.2.3 is head of the Department signed an agreement, the two sides will work together to fashion group media pictures the mechanism, together to create a new benchmark of fashion network movie. It is understood that the odd tree fish has been committed to doing a powerful promoter of the network movie, specializing in the production of digital entertainment content. Founded just over a year, the odd tree fish with professional and business ability to create a unique internet movie marketing mode, set the industry and the new standard, and a unique voice in industry in the form. From last year’s spirit "to" a Chinese flute phenomenal work "dream", "left the palace of Mr. Yin and Yang tianshic to last", "pick up nine ban live", "the ultimate war", "all Bixian Sadako Gekitou Town Youth", and the Cannes film festival short film corner unit "where to go", a series of word of mouth for network movie Xuanfa platform odd tree fish, the first echelon is entering the Internet TV industry in a short period of time, become the top brand network movie marketing. Star line pictures is a furniture has a strong creative force, making the company in the Internet movie has many successful cases and has successfully completed 2 Theatrical films. Star line pictures and odd tree fish together, joined forces to create a "fashion female head", will set a new benchmark for the high quality network movie. The media called the high concept, high style, high net sense of "three high" movie "fashion female head", by the Beijing odd tree fish culture media Co. Ltd. (fish odd tree), Beijing Star Line International Television Media Limited (Star line pictures), Beijing Fashion Show Star television media Ltd., Beijing Oriental culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced panorama. The film production team is excellent, by the gold producer Zhang Yong served as director of the system, the director of the Beijing Film Academy graduate Miao Miao sun served as director, member of Huang Ping China society of film literature as a screenwriter, film master Xi Yuqing Huang Ping of University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, as a producer, senior producer Huang Wenhua served as executive producer, plan starting in Beijing in September 28th.相关的主题文章: