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October 8th, Daqing 8 medical institutions will be canceled outpatient clinic three ca1477

In October 8th 8 of Daqing’s three medical institutions will cancel outpatient intravenous original title: since October 8th, the province of three medical institutions to stop outpatient intravenous infusion, transfusion of patients can only go to the emergency hospital or our 8 grade three medical institutions will cancel outpatient intravenous infusion including outpatient department of Pediatrics oil field general hospital, people’s Hospital, Longnan hospital the second hospital, third hospitals, fourth hospitals, fifth hospital, children’s Hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals can keep the intravenous infusion of Daqing network (Daqing Daily reporter Wang Qian) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Health Planning Commission, in order to strengthen the rational use of drugs for clinical rational use of drugs, improve the level of the masses, to ensure medical safety, province health and Family Planning Commission and the provincial administration of traditional Chinese medicine, jointly issued "on the three level in the province’s medical institutions take Elimination of outpatient intravenous transfusion notice (hereinafter referred to as notice), since October 8th, in the province’s three medical institutions to stop the outpatient intravenous infusion, after the infusion can only go to the emergency room or hospital. It is understood that the current three level medical institutions in our city has 8, including General Hospital of Daqing Oil Field, Daqing People’s Hospital, Daqing Longnan Hospital, Daqing Second Hospital, Daqing Third Hospital, Daqing fourth hospital, Daqing fifth hospital, Daqing City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Notification requirements, the province’s three hospitals (including general hospitals, Chinese medicine hospitals, all kinds of specialist hospitals, maternal and child health care centers, etc.) of the clinical departments since October 8th this year should be a comprehensive cessation of outpatient intravenous infusion. Children’s Hospital, outpatient department of Pediatrics, the hospital can retain intravenous infusion, but should take effective measures to gradually reduce until the end of the intravenous infusion of antibiotics. Emergency and day surgery patients with strict indications can be used in the treatment of intravenous infusion. To retain the intravenous infusion of medical institutions and departments to follow the WHO advocated "can not be injected orally, intramuscular injection of intravenous medication," the principle of medication. "Notice" clearly, the unreasonable use of intravenous infusion will bring a series of problems of medical risk in patients with increased medical costs, improve, prolonged medical treatment, is the "difficulty" and "expensive" is one of the important reasons. The circular stressed that the province’s three hospitals to cooperate with the abolition of outpatient transfusion requirements, the rapid adjustment of the clinical medication management system. The three levels of hospitals should increase publicity efforts to organize the training of medical personnel. In addition to cancel outpatient infusion, emergency treatment and hospitalization of patients with infusion therapy should also strengthen management, strictly control the use of intravenous infusion indications, to reduce the unreasonable use of intravenous infusion proportion, establish long-term working mechanism of venous transfusion management. At the same time pay attention to patient education, through a variety of ways to carry out a wide range of scientific norms of intravenous infusion of publicity, to correct the bad habits of both doctors and patients. The circular pointed out that all levels of health and family planning administrative departments to organize the supervision and inspection of the work of intravenous transfusion of medical institutions. The Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission and the provincial administration of traditional Chinese medicine, will not regularly checks the management of intravenous infusion of each of the three hospitals, such as the discovery of medical institutions to carry out illegal outpatient infusion will be informed of the province, and included in the assessment of each hospital target assessment system,.相关的主题文章: