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Obama is the United States Congress face motion is whether or U.S. global strategic data: September 9, 2016, New York local time, local people held a "9· 11" 15 anniversary. The picture is a public mourning. Original title: decide whether or not! Obama was severely hit in the face move or impact of the U.S. Congress global strategy according to the BBC report, the United States and the legislative power lies in the hands of Congress, but the bill pass by Congress to the president to sign into law. The president of the United States can veto the bill. Then, the motion to return to the house and Senate will vote again, both by more than 23 votes to override the president’s veto of the bill automatically become law, otherwise the bill invalid. Reported that former U.S. President Roosevelt has frequently used veto power, known as the president of the emperor". But most American presidents are wary of using the power of Congress and the government. The bill was after the president’s veto, the house and Senate vote again forced through the example of bill less. The U.S. Congress in November 2007 had overthrown president George W. Bush’s veto, passed a water resources management act, but the bill is significantly less than the extent of the 9· (11) bill. Saudi Arabia television said the bill is a fatal blow to Obama, is a dangerous bet before the U.S. presidential election. To override the president’s veto shows Obama as a "lame duck president" embarrassment, and the Democrats have abandoned him. Russia’s "today’s economy", 29, entitled "congressional retaliation for Obama," the article said that the Senate’s veto on the political career of Obama is a failure of the end, will seriously damage his reputation. Hilary, Professor of Moscow State University, 29, said the Russian media, the bill passed by President Barack Obama to cast a shadow over the shadow of Mr. Lago Lev. 29, 2009, the conflict between Obama and Congress on the Russian news agency website sparked heated debate, there are Russian Internet users, said: This is the end of the era of a symbol of the era of Obama. He’s a fake Nobel Peace Prize winner." "It would be a bill without a presidential signature." Chen Lijian of the "Global Times" reporter said, in history, the president of the United States to veto the bill is about 1500 times, of which about 100 times was anti veto, so not very rare, rare is the large number of Democrats to vote for their own party presidential vote, this is a big blow to Obama and the Democratic Party government. Why don’t most Democrats support Obama? Shanghai International Studies University professor Zhu Weilie, 29, told the Global Times reporter, "9·" act to allow the United States to prosecute the Saudi government, which is the United States is "justice". Democrats and Republicans do not want to stand on the opposite side of the people". According to relevant reports, "9· 11" bill is very extensive and very deep. It describes how the "base" organization first appeared, and later the United States "9· 11" occurred in the process, and even the basis of the formation of IS. Involved in the Saudi royal family members involved in terrorist activities, the background is the United States, Saudi Arabia in order to oppose the Soviet intervention"相关的主题文章: