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Nuclear powered horse reappearing! Battlefield 1 comedy horse gif 3u8813

Nuclear powered horse reappearing! "Battlefield 1" comedy riding GIF battlefield 1 area in the "battlefield 1", aircraft, tanks, artillery and weapons of various kinds, everything, but there is a kind of equipment in the game is the most talented kill, that is a grenade fried undead, can climb the high roof, in the master after death independent revenge, let it many enemies on the battlefield, there is no hiding place, terrified. Some people doubt: really have so much? Here’s how you see it! 1, they won’t die see, the ground is blown out of a hole but the steed was unharmed, and even budged, they simply also worse than the terminator, but in the game really can kill a horse, but only for tanks. Like the following. I play a game player playing dead horse gas is not enough, but are not fried, so. 2, they do not follow the laws of physics, you think that hiding behind the house will be able to escape the pursuit of cavalry? You mortals will never understand what is the ability, perhaps you should consider to the house at the top, because the horse will not climb the ladder. But do you think on the roof to the satisfaction of all this? I advise you to be careful and pick a slightly higher roof. Otherwise. Finally there is no hiding place mortals waiting for horses can give everybody to show a dozen aircraft, will die. 3. They are as fast as lightning in the complex terrain of the battlefield, cavalry mobility is the strongest, as soon as you have no time to target them. The horse has always been known as loyal, very close to the rider and horse, like the winter you lick the gates and doors with the same tongue. Only death can separate them, but you can only kill the horse and rider, will soon let you taste the taste of revenge, such as the following: so don’t mess with these charges in the wrath of God, do you think you can fight these grenades, machine gun fire dragon Mody, look, this is a an ignorant guy. A good horse or a good rider can play a role, whether you have encountered in the battlefield 1 will play the old driver. (source: 3DM editor: DY) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: