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Note that buy buy buy is actually a kind of mental illness!-wh60a

Note that buy buy buy is actually a kind of mental illness! With the improvement of living standards, people’s consumption concept has changed greatly, especially the development of electronic commerce in recent years, it is derived from a group of keen on shopping chop hand family". This does not, double 11 Shopping Festival is coming, many "chop hand family has opened a" buy buy buy "mode. However, you know, buy buy buy is actually a mental illness! Often buy buy buy is compulsive shopping, is a kind of mental illness. A study published in the International Journal of medicine analysis says that today, compulsive shopping as a kind of mental disease, the prevalence rate has reached 5%, especially college students, women, these two people are at high risk of compulsive shopping disorder. So how do we distinguish between ordinary consumption and compulsive shopping? In general, if consumers buy things they need or love, it belongs to normal consumption; but if consumers buy, generally only pay attention to the process without considering the results, he signs of compulsive shopping. For compulsive shoppers, it doesn’t matter what they buy, or when they buy something, it doesn’t matter if they’re in debt. They just enjoy the fun of shopping and shopping. Then, some 2000 monthly wages, are keen to buy luxury goods is not included in the category of patients with compulsive shopping? Not necessarily, experts said, this person’s behavior is not sick, the distinction between ordinary consumption and compulsive shopping, see their shopping can be, and those suffering from compulsive shopping the usual symptoms are as follows: 1 a week will rise several times shopping impulse, if not buy psychological unhappy; 2 once bought things, the mood will have a particularly high, as his queen as pleasure; after 3 back home, in the face of his purchase and sigh "why should I buy this kind of thing"; 4 at the same time, to buy their own things in fact no interest to buy after will not place. In fact, people suffering from the disorder shopping will be crazy shopping, mostly in order to eliminate the pressure of the heart. But if not in time to stop this behavior, may make their quality of life is greatly reduced, causing them to feel more depressed or even greater pressure, in the course of time, compulsive shopping will eventually become worsening depression. Compulsive shopping is a kind of psychological disorder, which belongs to the category of impulse control disorder. Compulsive compulsive shopping is also associated with gambling addiction and substance abuse. At present, people think that compulsive shopping may be related to neurotransmitter disorders of the brain, if the neurotransmitter secretion disorder, will not only affect the mood, but also induced depression like disease; in addition, the neurotransmitter secretion disorder may also affect people’s cognition and behavior, and ultimately lead to "compulsive shopping". Experts advise that once they find themselves or light or heavy shopping obsessive-compulsive disorder, it should be treated as soon as possible. Moreover, Xiao Bian suggested that in our daily lives, we have to consciously let their own things outside the shop to maintain a certain degree of interest, use other hobbies to fill their own time, do not相关的主题文章: