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Note 7 car sales in Chinese Samsung SUV blew up the Saturday. my128.net

Note SUV Samsung’s car 7 blow up the U.S. stock market center in the sixth Chinese sales: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes for China warrants exposed Samsung Note 7 two bombings, Samsung responded: this has nothing to do with the battery. Samsung also said there is no need to carry out large-scale recall in China, because China’s battery supplier no problem. The move is also Samsung in order not to lose the world’s largest smartphone market, China’s efforts. Samsung’s mobile division president (Koh Dong-Jin) said the High Town, Chinese Note 7 sale will not stop. Because there is no problem with China’s battery supplier Amperex." He said. Nevertheless, Samsung is also difficult to achieve its ambition to return to china. According to research firm Canalys data, Samsung’s sales in China has dropped to sixth place, because the rise of China’s local mobile phone manufacturers. Canalys data show that as of June 30th this year, Samsung in the Chinese market share fell by one percentage point, from 9% to 8%, the first is HUAWEI, the market accounted for 16%, followed by millet, accounting for 13%. Canalys Asia Pacific director Peng Luping said: "on the first financial Samsung to become difficult to regain market share in China, depends on the ability of handling crisis and its method, but the market for the Note 7 again after the listing of the performance should be significantly reduced." After Samsung battery supplier new energy technology (Amperex Technology) also said that one of the 7 China Note explosion is caused by the external temperature overheating of the mobile phone, but did not give further explanation of the cause of the accident. Samsung said it was still investigating the cause of the mobile phone explosion, but the company changed the previous two mobile phone explosion monitoring, saying, another cell phone has not yet got". Amperex is also an apple supplier. According to one of the mobile phone owners have been obtained, he is the September 1st Note 7 listed in China on the same day to buy the phone on the Jingdong. "The phone suddenly began to vibrate and explode on Saturday night, and then smoke black smoke." The real name did not disclose the name of the machine in the social media drying out the explosion of mobile phone pictures and text description. While the other mobile phone owners said he was playing the game when the phone suddenly exploded, but because the machine can not get the contact of the Lord, the truth of this statement is unknown. According to South Korean media reports, there may be competitors deliberately black samsung". Samsung is experiencing the biggest crisis in recent years. Up to now Samsung Note 7 has occurred from the battery of the accident, the worst of which is a mobile phone explosion blew up a SUV car. Since Samsung in the global scope of the emergency recall, Britain and other countries have already started the replacement plan. Technology website Recode news, the Cong相关的主题文章: