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There is no sense of touch, there is no real VR text VR dimension sun recently, the Ministry of Industry issued the 2016 virtual reality industry development white paper. The report has a section of text is particularly interesting: in the virtual reality research on visual perception, more synthesis, on hearing and touch less attention, authenticity, real-time, smell and taste is not based on commercialized equipment. The VR company has done a lot of work in the visual aspects, the picture becomes more and more vivid, visual impact is more and more strong, but we do have overlooked an important problem: the eye can see, but the body did not receive feedback, which greatly reduces our true feelings in the virtual world the. There is no real sense of VR imagine this: a blind man can touch intelligent mobile phone screen, out of the room of the map, help her go to unfamiliar corner; a soldier can be 6000 miles away, through the FaceTime touch the newborn daughter of the little finger. This is a vision of Facebook: the company wants to build a "teleport delivery point in 2025". According to the "business insider" reports, Facebokk chief technology officer Mike Skolopf (Mike Schroepfer) said on the outside, he hopes that Oculus Rift can become such a device: "so you can go anywhere you want to go, and anyone, without geographical limitations." If you want to achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve the VR experience in the tactile problem. An important pillar of the VR experience is touch, no matter how the current VR helmet is about as if it were raining flowers, away from the immersive real experience is far away. Touch is a major factor in science fiction works of VR, but in reality, VR touch seems to become an additional function not essential, a key part of the whole experience and not. If only the eyes can be immersed in the VR, the user can not really have immersive feeling. At present, VR video game, in the entire industry is comparatively mature, but in essence, they bring a sense of pleasure, and obtained from the exquisite movies and games in the sense of joy, there is not much difference. The CNET reporter had such experience: he wears Gear VR sitting in the living room in the evening, let yourself into the virtual aquarium, and then fell asleep. When he woke up, he found all around the fish swimming, but he cannot reach out for them, only to turn around the head. When he picked up the Gear VR, just the whole feeling good, but unfortunately, he can not touch the object in the virtual reality scene. Not only that, in the Gear VR off the eyes after some pain. This is because when he looks at the object in his eyes, he actually sees the pixels close to the eye. The right to enter into the virtual world is the biggest obstacle to the development of this field in the future. Both Samsung and Oculus have suggested that it will take years for virtual reality to reach the desired state.!相关的主题文章: