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Ningbo, a district parking spaces for the slow change into a controversial parking spaces ekdv-273

Ningbo district is a slow parking green into parking dispute Liu Kam Garden residential construction site recently, Ningbo Haishu Liu Jin Garden several owners of a period to reflect to the newspaper, said Liu Jin community committees in order to increase the area of parking spaces, to reduce the area of the original green. Now, the renovation project has started, seeing these trees will be destroyed, they expressed strong protest. The causes of the incident area to alleviate parking difficulties, start the green road reconstruction day before, the reporter came to the Haishu Liu Jin garden. This is a more than and 20 year old old district, due to the construction of an earlier time, the district road is narrow, can only accommodate a car by the way. In the absence of an underground car park, the main road on the side of the car filled with more crowded. In addition, the middle of the road two buildings of the district and is very cramped. The scene can be seen on both sides of the door near the location of the residents have a row of flower beds, width of 1-3 meters. There are two roads have been reformed, piles dug up sand and hay dumped in the flower bed, the front as well as the excavator under construction. Liu Jin community staff told reporters, in order to ease the parking area is difficult, they broaden the road through the development of green, increase parking spaces. From the beginning of May this year, the neighborhood began to solicit the views of each household, reconstruction scheme is also the publicity in the cell door. Controversy against each other: green this is not much, can no longer be reduced, although there have been comments and publicity, but the use of green parking spaces is still controversial. Some older, especially those who do not have the car owners have expressed opposition. Owners feel very sad. He told reporters: the original area and the proportion of green houses disproportionate, and now have to cut off part, almost no." Mr. Zhong introduced the side, with a side of the reporter wandering in the district. Came to the last row of residential buildings, Mr. Bell said, this is the most of the entire garden of the Jin Liu Garden, and now will encounter the fate of being destroyed. Reporters noted that the trees here are very dense, a wide range of. Camphor, cypress, osmanthus trees, palm trees…… There are two orange tree, a small golden fruit hanging in the branches, is very lovely. Some flowers are planted the residents here, very emotional, alas!" Mr. bell a sigh. One side of Ms. Wang and Mr. Xu also expressed their views: "so many cars in the District, the exhaust must rely on plants absorb, if we reduce green, air even worse, after also dare to open the window?" Owners Lee said: there is a small area of green planning, the Department also has a garden can not be arbitrarily occupied, otherwise it may violate the laws and regulations. Moreover, the old district has less green, it can not be illegal." In every parking worry, it is necessary to reform in addition to these objections, owners are also very much agree with the renovation of parking spaces. Residents Miss Dai said, I usually drive to work, because the district to parking area is limited, in order to grab parking spaces, every day she is hastened home, that night no parking place. Basically, as long as 5 p.m., the parking spaces are full." She said,.相关的主题文章: