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Nicholas Tse Lin Yun Wang Taili strike strip offering culinary debut – Entertainment Sohu-tinyos

Nicholas Tse Lin Yun Wang Taili strike strip offering culinary debut – Sohu Nicholas Tse entertainment guide Lin Yun carefully cooking Sohu by Zhejiang TV entertainment news, King (Beijing) movie level variety "under the blue sky and delicacy culture media CO produced the twelve Feng taste 3" on the air tonight. Offer culinary debut "Mermaid" Lin Yun met Xie Chef "strike" was forced to take charge as chief of, Nicholas Tse first visited the Hawaii native experience is "savage Roasted Suckling Pig", and Eric Tsang also visit the Wan Chai Market Study of the National Pork, for the audience in a roll around the delicacy style painting.     Lin Yunxian Mermaid cooking debut Nicholas Tse: no matter I strip on the spot! Love to see "3" front flavor audience must have a familiar scene: Nicholas Tse busy shuttling in front flavor in the kitchen to cook, feet pointing front. However, in this Saturday’s show, when Nicholas Tse with two new kitchen "Mermaid" Lin Yunji Wang Taili, officially announced his decision to "strike". "Today, we have two very competent in the kitchen, so i…… No matter!" Voice did not fall, Nicholas Tse took off his chef’s clothes, and then went straight to sit on the seat of the diners, the death of the king, the king of the sea and the front of the kitchen was scared of a stunned Lin Yun. Why is there such a move? In fact, Nicholas Tse was premeditated. He said a few of the program has been established and down front kitchen trust, plus Lin Yun, Wang Taili helper, so this decision as a "shuaishouzhanggui", look at the ability of these have left their front kitchen "take charge as chief of the". "The mission to us? It feels like we’re gone! Finished, no backing." After Nicholas Tse left, Lin Yunli gave a wailing moment. Although Nicholas Tse praised the "Curry Puff front is cooking but also look good, but the forest is still a green hand allowed some fear, in the process of cooking, from her bag Curry Puff to wobble are absolutely in strict accordance with Xie chef instructions, see Lin Yunzhen is very carefully! Leave Xie chef, what Lin Yun, Wang Taili can complete with Nicholas Tse perfectionism? Only by watching the show. Hawaii morning walk Nicholas Tse seafood market and the local indigenous meet Roasted Suckling Pig "3 front flavor" has always been to all over the world is famous for its beauty, but Nicholas Tse’s journey is not easy. In this Saturday’s show, he attacked the Hawaii seafood market in the early hours of the morning, from shipping, transporting, cold storage, cutting pieces, to the auction to experience the seafood market to the restaurant the whole process. The study by Nicholas Tse also known as food fish, fish color texture resolution quality, "see the above description will be very many fish oil, fish fat." And then, Nicholas Tse will step into the Hawaii forest. Ask the natives in how to make the original "pit furnace Roasted Suckling Pig", he himself can keep the meat fragrance water collection of banana leaves, chopped banana tree as fuel, and native dug a pit with large furnace. Never spent more than two days, but Nicholas Tse tasted the "pit furnace Roasted Suckling Pig" is the original of this delicious full of praise, he said "in this method in,.相关的主题文章: