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New ways of medical beauty industry, to see how Facewin tools feeding electricity supplier – Sohu technology medical beauty O2O recognized difficult, pain points everywhere, it is difficult to solve. But in the hot start-ups in medical beauty, beauty della always seem to find differences in the play, especially with the depth of learning trend in the field of image recognition breakthrough, launch Mito tools Facewin, finally trying to solve consumers and American institutions are very concerned about the "effect" problem. The Facewin line is only a week has 500 thousand users to download, the equivalent of the U. S. medical beauty community during the first half of the accumulated della users. Today, Apple’s AppStore ranking has soared to nineteenth, more than the High German map, Tmall, drip travel and other well-known applications. Today, let us work together to understand the innovation case. Medical beauty is still potential track from the macro perspective, medical beauty industry appeared three big trend, and the Facewin potential in della logic, and the trend has been secretly fit. 1, the United States and the United States consumer groups are young and the trend of expansion. In the age structure of the United States who, more than 80% is 20-45 years old, nearly two years younger, 20 years old -25 years old population proportion continues to expand, 90 of the medical beauty project acceptance becomes high, power consumption and consumption will gradually increase. In addition, the number of male users also rose sharply in 2015 accounted for nearly 20%. 2, the United States and the United States to return to specialization, technology is fine, safe development trend. From the point of view of the overall environment, comprehensive medical beauty in the "retreat", and professional medical beauty in the". Because the United States and the United States medical service is very personalized, it is bound to refine the direction of development. At the same time, with the progress of medical technology, medical beauty services are more and more mature and safe, there is a low risk of security risks. 3, the United States and the United States living trend is obvious, consumer upgrades bring more than 100 billion imagination. In South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions, medical beauty with the beauty of life has gradually become a part of fusion, consumption upgrade. For example, in South Korea, many medical beauty institutions will also set up a special living beauty floor. This allows a substantial increase in the audience, greatly increasing the frequency of consumption. Relative to the United States more mature markets such as South Korea and China medicine, more than ten times the growth potential. According to statistics, China’s pharmaceutical industry in the next 5 years, revenue growth is expected to remain at more than 25%, is expected in 2017 the scale of medical beauty market can be more than one hundred billion, broad prospects for the industry. Facewin how to solve the medical beauty industry pain points while at the macro level, the three major trends that medical beauty industry is still very promising, but returned to the industry, there are two core pain points, one is the extreme information asymmetry, the potential consumers of medical beauty information and professional knowledge is limited, the existence of psychological quality and safety concerns and price to service, leads to a higher threshold decision. They have a lot of interest but can’t find a service provider, so stay away. This also led to medical beauty institutions was off the high cost, on the one hand they channel through search engines, beauty salons and other traffic cost is relatively high, on the other hand, consumers have psychological concerns, into the shop.相关的主题文章: