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New clothes said Wang Likun tutor Yan fan dance is amazing show-dachiyouxiang

"New clothes" said Wang Likun tutor Yan fan dance is amazing stage show "third Sina entertainment news of my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) on ten this Saturday night on time before the two meet, Wang Likun [micro-blog] third people still expect very wonderful. This week my "new clothes" theme is "kiss my baby", "goddess" naturally can not escape the childhood life topic, the team not only for the "goddess" of their childhood photos, "makeup goddess" Wang Likun also talked about her childhood strict family education, more show the boy power dance stunt stunning the audience, the growth trajectory of childhood fragment seems to glimpse of Wang Likun. From Wang Likun’s childhood photos can be seen at the time when Wang Likun was a little beauty, the photo Wang Likun cut a neat ears short hair, wearing a white dress, "beauty" with earrings necklace, and her sister nestled in her family, cute. The program also asked Lin Wang Likun "what is the most impressive thing when I was young? Mom and dad stay with you." Wang Likun talked about a strict tutor when he was a child, "my tutor is very strict, because my father is a policeman." My father grew up to buy a very thick grid this urge Wang Likun calligraphy, a day was filled with a. In addition to the word, we all know that Wang Likun was the host school dance background, but also instantly took out a classical dance common fan, and look forward to Wang Likun show hand skills, Wang Likun is saying "I’ll try, because I have many years not jump, can only try to say." Say sorry to Wang Likun immediately to the audience a bow, mouth repeatedly said, I’m trying." But after all is not the boy work, despite years of dancing, but still took up the fan one by one moment can see the professional standards, both eyes, or hand fan skill, or gentle turn, although in modern costume, but instantly turned the classical goddess, either the host or the buyer, the audience seemed to see stay. "One minute on the stage takes ten years, whether it is strict childhood tutor or years of hard dance school career, have now created the one and only Wang Likun, and" the goddess makeup "Wang Likun has been with her words and deeds and dance show her unique charm, more wonderful please watch this Saturday night 22:00 the broadcast time" my new clothes ".相关的主题文章: