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Never season fashion single product This cup I can use for a lifetime! – Sohu-wharfedale

Never season fashion single product? This cup I can use for a lifetime! Sohu has been walking in the forefront of fashion trendsetter, has advertised his "aura mining fashion, absorbing the essence of art, and art in a character set," to learn. This time, trendsetter joined ART021 Shanghai 21st contemporary art fair, unexpectedly, here a cup got everyone’s attention! As a collection of art galleries, from high-end global institutions, artists and works of art events, ART021 is also a star studded Thomas, Houseago, Richard, Serra, RodolfStingel, Ceng Fanzhi, Murakami Takashi, Bai Nanzhun and other artists have the trend of love back, also feel a trendsetter in the fine art education. At the scene, in addition to the gallery of famous works, there is a different scenery — the era of beer the tree. The tree of the Holy Grail has attracted much attention as an exhibit that is not an exhibit. Trendsetter understand that, this is the time for the beer "for her full public projects specially customized version of the Holy Grail in the dissemination of public art and philosophy at the same time, also has the very high artistic value. In 2015 three, the Holy Grail in early 2015 to launch three models respectively in the traditional pattern, the Holy Grail of Paisley of Ethiopia traditional hand woven baskets, the southwestern region of Honduras Lencan pottery design inspiration, bringing a symbol of harvest and new life and hope for the people of the world. In 2016 three this year, three new design of the Holy Grail in adhering to the concept of charity and re innovation, the Peru version of the Holy Grail designed by Peru artist Cortez Torres, with the symbol of the mountains of Peru, expressed "for her full" charity project, Peru women will no longer take water to the mountains. Good at using various images of emotional expression of Peru artist Wini Awuondo designed the Kenya version of the Holy Grail, will have to praise the daily water intake of millions of hours of burden of women. Wini said: this pattern symbolizes the water is the source of life, and women guard and carry the power. The Haiti version of the Holy Grail, Haiti artist Michè Le said: Manuel; all my creative theme comes from the color of Haiti, people dizzying scenery, elegant body and its magical light. Unfortunately, our water resources are declining. The Holy Grail of hidden behind the fact, a profound extraordinary significance, the earlier Stella Artois era beer together Water had statistics on public welfare organizations of developing countries in the world, because of the war, drought and poverty, in order to family and survive, most of the female family can only walk from transport to clean drinking water, the total length of up to 200 million hours. To provide clean drinking water for more than 290000 women, the charity for her cup "came into being, the era of beer with a special wine brand — go相关的主题文章: