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Net transfer table to sell seeds repeatedly traced car fifty thousand km from a variety of 259 tests isobuster

Net transfer table to sell seeds repeatedly traced car: fifty thousand km from a variety of 259 tests found no data figure. The seeds of "buy online transfer table cars" rule Weekend reporter Chou Fei a copy of the Guangdong Provincial Council recently released briefing, the domestic well-known second-hand car trading platform provider — seeds of second-hand car, pushed the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. This is called "the Guangdong provincial council in July 2016 to receive complaints analysis" report, Mr. Sun through the seeds of second-hand car consumers buy second-hand car direct selling net exists mileage fraud problems and the seeds; the second-hand car did not fulfill the obligation, not comprehensive and accurate screening of second-hand vehicle information itself, there is no should should bear the legal responsibility as the third party network trading platform. In this regard, the rule of law Weekend reporter in August 17th with seeds of second-hand car interview, the public relations department of the relevant staff responded that in August 22nd, the event is being processed, currently not released a statement, we have according to the specific circumstances of this event offers a series of solutions, but buyers attitude and demand has been changed, we will in a reasonable range to meet his demands, and waiting for his reply". The fifty thousand km mileage left in April this year, Mr. Sun in the seeds of second-hand car straight sell online fancy a 2015 Beiqi Saab D50 automatic standard version of the second-hand car. "The online description the car for the new car, on August 2015, the mileage of more than 9 thousand km, the price of 66 thousand yuan, I think the car is good, make an appointment in May 1st in Guangzhou Yuexiu District District Zhuang seed company car, at that time, Inspection Division pointed out that vehicles have brake distance, Zuo Qianjian Earthquake abnormal sound problems, but he told me. The car ran 9000 km, these small problems will not affect the use of vehicles, I did not care, paid 1000 yuan and 1950 yuan deposit fee." Mr. Sun said, after a few days to pay the deposit, and he went to the owner of the vehicle handling procedures for Huizhou. Law Weekend reporter noted in the seeds of second-hand car consumers to buy second-hand car through the official website, the seeds of the second-hand car trading process is: first by phone or online booking, the second-hand car sales consultant with seeds arrange car, to sign the three party contract (buyers and sellers, the seeds of second-hand car) deposit payment, transfer. Let Mr. Sun did not expect that the smooth completion of the transaction, it was the beginning of a nightmare. The car opened a few days, I found the engine abnormal sound, high fuel consumption, 1.5L displacement fuel consumption actually reached nearly 12 points per hundred kilometers fuel consumption. More seriously, I once when driving on the highway, the vehicle gearbox fault, was 110 kilometers per hour speed, instantly dropped to 60 kilometers per hour, nearly causing rear end collision." Mr. Sun told reporters, in June this year, vehicle problems are one after another appeared frightened him, drove to Beiqi Saab 4S shop testing. Who knows the test results more unexpected, maintenance records show: the last time in April 15, 2016 54294 public maintenance mileage相关的主题文章: