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NBF: China crude oil imports hit a record high oil prices will continue to rise yesterday, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released data show that as of October 7th week, the U.S. EIA crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased 4 million 850 thousand barrels, recorded the largest increase in April 8th when the week, and for five weeks after the end of a downward trend, before the expected increase of 604 thousand and 500 barrels, and the first reduction in the value of 2 million 976 thousand barrels, but EIA gasoline inventories reduced 1 million 907 thousand barrels; Cushing crude oil inventories by 1 million 318 thousand barrels, in addition, the domestic crude oil production also decreased by 17 thousand barrels per day, and has recorded three consecutive weeks down, fell to 8 million 450 thousand barrels daily output level. Despite an unexpectedly large increase in US crude oil inventories, the continued decline in US crude oil production and the sharp reduction in refined oil and gasoline inventories provide support for oil prices. And the United States crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased mainly due to refinery utilization as a result of the accident and unexpectedly dropped to 85.5%, is expected to soon recover the utilization rate, so the inventory increase or not fear. In addition, EIA data show that the United States under the 48 states crude oil production fell by 36 thousand barrels a day, down to 7 million 969 thousand barrels a day, recorded the lowest level since June 2014. Before the OPEC report shows that the overall OPEC oil production once again set a record high. Although in September oil production increased by OPEC  the news published on the occasion, OPEC and non OPEC meeting in Istanbul did not limit oil production problems put forward a clear plan, and the market began to doubt whether OPEC eventually reached by the end of September the implementation of the agreement to limit production. But the United States continued to cut oil output will undoubtedly release a positive signal to the market, because the position of each oil producing countries from Istanbul during the meeting can be seen, the United States oil producers to participate in or will be OPEC final implementation of a large "important condition of production". According to the China customs data released Thursday showed a record high Chinese September crude oil imports rose to 8 million 80 thousand barrels a day, an increase of 18%, more than the United States, has become the world’s largest importer of crude oil. The United States in November crude oil futures yesterday, the U.S. oil futures closed at WTI in November to $50.44 a barrel in EIA crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased after the announcement, once oil prices plummeted, and the U.S. WTI crude oil price short-term once fell $50 barrel mark, but the United States crude oil production declined again and the recent OPEC take action to limit production is expected to heat up support the rise in oil prices, oil prices fell to recover quickly. On the daily chart, the two day after the callback in oil prices rebounded yesterday closed positive, in the 10 day moving average support after go up, the 50 day moving average through 100 on average, cash fork signal, short-term moving average rose significantly, MACD red column kinetic energy at RSI in the vicinity of 62, the exchange rate of short-term upward possibility, see target 51.50. 1 hours on the chart, the United States and the United States in the 200H average support by strong, has now stood on the 100H average, MACD rose above the axis of 0, RS up to near the scene of the exchange.相关的主题文章: