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National Theatre to celebrate the 100 focus of elegant art sweets parade

"National Theatre" to celebrate the 100 focus of elegant art "National Theatre" magazine did not forget the early heart attack hundred Sina entertainment news November 22nd, the snow after the cold stop on a passion for the arts. "National Theatre" 100 issues and art media seminar at the National Theatre opened. More than twenty art newspaper managers, artists and critics gathered around the "National Theatre" Journal of operations and development "and" art media’s survival present situation and future development of the two major topics discussed. Research for more than four hours, the guests will end up discussing reluctant to part. Attention to the elegant art to meet the public demand for "National Theatre" magazine did not forget the early heart attack 100 in 2008, with the National Theatre opened the inaugural season of the big screen, "National Theatre" magazine also came into being. As the official publication of the National Theatre, "National Theatre" magazine in the form of monthly open its historical mission — reports published in domestic and international culture and art information, comments, knowledge, enrich the popularization form the National Theatre elegant art, culture and art to meet the public demand, promote cultural art exchange. In January 2013, the National Grand Theatre magazine official global public offering. In November this year, "National Theatre" magazine ushered in since the publication of the total 100th journals. The 100 time, "reported the contents of the national grand theater theatre" magazine for "follow the high grade, high level and high art" pursuit of art, music, dance, opera, including drama, opera art five. Relying on the unique resources which can not be copied by the National Grand Theatre, the National Grand Theatre is the only comprehensive performing arts periodical in the domestic periodical market. The magazine to the vision of globalization, in an objective, fair and equitable principles, not only records the development and achievements of the National Theatre since, also witnessed the vigorous development of domestic cultural undertakings and cultural industries, more dynamic and constantly pay attention to trends in the art world of the stage, let people feel the charm of art, art changes life Qin Yun, heart, enriching people’s cultural and artistic life. In addition, the National Grand Theater Magazine also vigorously promote the spread of Chinese art. In June 2014, the magazine reports the "Xinmin Evening News" has long run and has a very influential music audio edition that attracted the attention of the Beijing daily newspaper group, and made a special trip to Shanghai research, culminating in the "Beijing daily" opened the name "Philharmonic" edition. For the future development of the magazine, the national theatre director Chen Ping has a clear plan: "I hope in the foundation of the formation of specialization, internationalization and authoritative brand features, expanding its influence, and strive to achieve the" authoritative publications Chinese performing arts field, targeting world-class elegant mainstream publications. "." Talk about the future development of the media focus words "National Theatre" magazine hopes to borrow 100 period of the machine, "National Theatre" magazine organized the art media seminar. Vice president of the National Grand Theater, the national drama相关的主题文章: