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National day seven days film box office 1 billion 580 million down 15.1%– Fujian channel — -www.osta.org.cn

National day seven days, movie box office 1 billion 580 million fell compared to the same period last year, 15.1%– Fujian channel, the original title of the people’s website: the seven day of the national day, the movie box office 1 billion 580 million, down 15.1%, the summer holiday box office was mediocre, and the year-on-year decline in September. Last night the whole seven days of data show that the national box office 1 billion 580 million yuan, of which, "action" on the Mekong River reputation at the box office 530 million yuan to become the National Archives: champion, "passing from your world" (hereinafter referred to as "the world") of about 463 million yuan, about 271 million yuan of "grand track". Compared with last year’s National Day file, the box office was reduced by 280 million yuan this year, with a 15.1% decline in the year on year. The National Archives formed in 2008 "the painted" film, and in 2009 the National Archives "the founding of a republic", "wind", in 2014 the National Archives "and" put heart flower road "dear" hugely popular. Last year, "Hong Kong" and "Sherlock annoyance" became the national day record, the two box office eventually reached 1 billion 600 million and 1 billion 400 million. There are more than a dozen new films on the national day of this year, with different quality. "The world" broke 600 million yuan, the box office champion, but the reputation is flat, "bean" on the only 5.6 points. The whole world is the biggest box office subsidy in this period. If the movie theater is released on the first day of the movie, it will reach 50%, and the third party ticket platform will be subsidized 5.1-13.1 yuan for each ticket, the next day’s row will be 30%, and the ticket will be 8.1~15.1 yuan. "Light" has acquired "cat’s eye film" with its own third party ticketing platform, making up a ticket to be natural. "Mekong River action" is the biggest surprise of this year’s national day, and a good word of mouth makes the box office go all the way. The film, based on the "10? 5" case of the Mekong River in 2011, shows the process of the Chinese police’s Cross – border pursuit of "Golden Triangle" drug trafficker, Wao Kang. Lin Chaoxian, director of high difficulty movement play a unique story, compact rhythm and fast clip, so that the film has both scenes, and depicts the process of the real dangerous drug. The audience generally said the Mekong River action was hot and shocking. As for Guo Jingming’s "Duke trace", it was not small after the release. As a whole CG movie, it was discussed in succession. "Small time" series even was scolded "PPT", still have fans strength, but the "Duke" fans support the strength is not as good as before. Some netizens ridicule "grand track" special "3D web game", "collect ten facial paralysis 5 hair piece". However, Mr. Guo is still full of confidence in the face of criticism. But from the current total of 340 million yuan box office, the investor is doubtless at a loss. Because the movie investment is 200 million yuan, the box office will be 600 million yuan to make money. Jing Wong with "Macao vice" series Chizha Spring Festival stalls, called a bad film, the box office has been strong. The "trump card" with ACE rotten to finally scare the audience, the film clips stiff, starring Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming did not insist on comedy cells, laugh, embarrassing and frequent disease. This year is "I am the National Archives of us", "Robinson Crusoe", "warrior armor," Crazy Fishing King "the ugly duckling" and other animated film released, but is on hiatus. The "migratory birds", "the sea" and other world-renowned famous French documentary documentary film master Jacques Perrin? "Earth four seasons" is praised, released 11 days at the box office less than 4 million yuan. (Lu Fang) (commissioning editor Chen Lanyan and Zhang Zijian) 国庆七天电影票房15.8亿 同比下跌15.1%–福建频道–人民网 原标题:国庆七天电影票房15.8亿 同比下跌15.1%   暑期档票房平平,9月同比大幅下跌,今年国庆电影档被各方寄予厚望。   昨晚数据显示,整个七天全国票房15.8亿元,其中,《湄公河行动》靠口碑票房逆袭以5.3亿元成为国庆档冠军,《从你的全世界路过》(以下简称《全世界》)约4.63亿元,《爵迹》约2.71亿元。   和去年国庆档相比,今年票房减少2.8亿元,同比跌幅达15.1%。   国庆档成形于2008年《画皮》热映,此后有2009年国庆档的《建国大业》、《风声》,2014年国庆档的《心花路放》和《亲爱的》叫好又叫座。去年《港?》和《夏洛特烦恼》成为国庆档爆款,两片票房最终达到了16亿和14亿。   今年国庆档有十几部新片上映,质量良莠不齐。   《全世界》破6亿元,成票房冠军,但口碑平平,“豆瓣”上只有5.6分。《全世界》是这一档期票房补贴力度最大的,上映首日影院如果排片达到50%,每张票第三方售票平台补贴5.1-13.1元,次日排片达到30%,票补8.1~15.1元。片方“光线”已经收购“猫眼电影”拥有自己的第三方售票平台,做起票补来自然得心应手。   《湄公河行动》则是今年国庆档最大惊喜,好口碑让票房一路逆袭。   该片根据2011年湄公河“10?5”真实案件改编,展示了中国警察跨境追捕“金三角”毒枭糯康的过程。林超贤导演独特的高难度动作戏、节奏紧凑的剧情和快速剪辑,让该片既有大场面,又真实描绘了缉毒的凶险过程。观众普遍表示《湄公河行动》热血而震撼。   至于郭敬明的《爵迹》,上映后动静不小,作为一部全CG电影遭遇议论纷纷。《小时代》系列即使被骂“PPT”,仍有粉丝力挺,可《爵迹》粉丝支持力度大不如前。   有网友揶揄《爵迹》特效为“3D网页游戏”、“集齐十大面瘫的5毛巨制”。不过,郭导演面对批评依旧信心满满。但从目前累计3.4亿元票房来看,投资方亏本无疑。因为电影投资2亿元,票房要6亿元才能赚钱。   王晶凭借《澳门风云》系列叱咤春节档,被骂烂片,票房却一直坚挺。《王牌逗王牌》终于烂到吓退观众,该片剪辑生硬,主演刘德华、黄晓明完全没有喜剧细胞,硬要逗笑,让人尴尬症频发。   今年国庆档也有《我是哪吒》、《鲁滨逊漂流记》、《铠甲勇士捕王》、《疯狂丑小鸭》等多部动画片上映,但都反响平平。   以《迁徙的鸟》、《海洋》等纪录片蜚声海内外的法国著名纪录片大师雅克?贝汉新片《地球四季》则是叫好不叫座,上映11天票房不足400万元。(陆芳) (责编:陈蓝燕、张子剑)相关的主题文章: