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National Colleges and universities to cancel 35 software engineering degree mentalist

The revocation of 35 software engineering degree at 2016 college entrance examination planning industry summit held in November on the registration Industry Summit Award survey: you help them do the planning of college entrance examination of liberal arts students choose school independent recruitment parents must know 30 asked the new college entrance examination three years after college entrance examination 22 exam? The enrollment data reference of university ranking selection university admission points ranking key recommended colleges test suitable for learning what professional volunteer candidates with the three step to query recently, the academic committee of the State Council announced the "2016 dynamic adjustment revocation and additional degree authorization list", a list of shows, 175 universities to withdraw 576 degree, 178 the additional 365 degree. In November 2015, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council issued a "doctoral and master’s degree authorization discipline and professional degree authorization category dynamic adjustment measures" (hereinafter "measures"), and decided since 2016 will be adjusted to expand the scope of the implementation work. 2014, the State Council Degree Committee approved Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangdong, four provinces to carry out the dynamic adjustment of degree authorization point of the pilot work. 2016, in accordance with the "measures", the implementation of dynamic adjustment in the national colleges and universities. Additional provisions limit the large employment difficulties subject "measures", for the same discipline doctoral degree authorization discipline and master’s degree authorization discipline, may not revoke master’s degree authorization discipline keep doctorate authorization discipline. Provincial (District, city) Degree Committee of the doctoral degree authorization point of adjustment, only in the doctoral degree granting unit and the doctoral degree granting unit. For the initiative to revoke the degree authorization point, approach provides that within 3 years to implement a limited mandate to stop enrollment, but retain the right to grant graduate degrees. In January 2014, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council issued "on the doctoral and master’s degree authorization discipline and professional degree category dynamic adjustment of pilot work of opinions", "opinions" pointed out that to limit the additional current training scale, students employment difficult subject for degree authorization. Revocation of 576, plus the 365 degree point reporter statistics, a total of 175 colleges and universities have withdrawn a total of 576 degrees. In many disciplines including cancellation, software project 35, project 21 (Project Management), engineering (Industrial Engineering), ecology, statistics, system science and Engineering (Logistics Engineering, Applied Chemistry) were more than 10. Zhejiang University (score line, professional settings) is the most degree of revocation of the University, a total of 34 revoked, of which the subject of doctoral degree authorized by the master of the discipline of the 26, the 8. Ranked second for the Central South University (score line, professional settings), revocation of 26 degree points, Beijing Institute of Technology (score line, professional settings) ranked third, revoked the 20. Reporters statistics found that a total of 178 colleges and universities have been added to the list of 365 degrees, in contrast, the number of points to increase the number of points is significantly less than the number of degrees revoked. Additional degree most disciplines for accounting, a total of 23; followed by Lu Art相关的主题文章: