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Mutual gold storm corrected deviation innovation situation of   industry; welcome a network of P2P lending, equity raising, financial strength, shuffle — people.com.cn concentrated Internet insurance, the third party payment and other key areas of remediation – reporter Zhu Baochen recently, the State Council Office announced the "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan" the financial risks of the Internet, the special rectification work carried out a comprehensive deployment schedule. "Implementation plan" requirements, in accordance with the "illegal and protect legitimate, actively and steadily and orderly resolve, a clear division of labor, strengthen cooperation, the working principle of the combination of distance, bianzhengbiangai," the distinction, classification policy, focus on the P2P lending network, the congregation to raise equity, Internet insurance, third party key areas payment through the Internet, to carry out asset management and cross-border financial services, the financial sector engaged in Internet advertising regulation. At the same time, timely sum up experience, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of Internet financial regulation. The Internet regulation of financial risk special leading group responsible person said in an interview with a reporter’s question, the Internet financial risk rectification goals, in the short term, is the specification of all types of Internet financial industry, optimize the market competition environment, deviate from the correct part of the format to reverse the direction of innovation situation, safeguard the financial interests of consumers, to protect the legitimate rights and interests investors, maintain financial market order, hold no systemic regional financial risks. In the long run, to achieve standardization and development simultaneously, both innovation and risk prevention, the promotion of Internet financial norms of our orderly and healthy development, and play Internet financial support for public entrepreneurship, innovation of the positive role. About the special rectification will "kill" the Internet financial innovation of this issue, the responsible person said, special purpose is to correct the torsion, some internet financial innovation of the forms of deviation of the situation, to borrow the name of innovation for illegal activities of the organization to carry out clean-up standards, innovation, legal and beneficial to rules management institution to support the protection of Internet financial innovation guide industry into the right track. In addition, the person in charge of the special rectification work is phased, the key is to take this as an opportunity to refine the formation of the Internet financial governance experience, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of Internet banking. Lu Jin, chairman and CEO meter Kwai Chan said, "implementation plan" for the introduction of the development of Internet financial enterprises to create a fair market environment, clear business boundaries, that regulate the development direction, make the Internet truly become a financial inclusive financial main force strength, promote the development of the real economy. He said, the Internet financial innovation is not the drill regulatory loopholes and even fraud policy arbitrage investors, Internet financial innovation is the real use of the Internet technology and the advantage of data, to maximize the optimization of existing financial services, to create the past cannot be realized by the way of service, and ultimately to the traditional financial service before it is difficult to cover the majority of Small and micro businesses and ordinary investors, reduce the cost of financial services, improve the service accessibility. Open Xin loan general manager Zhou Zhihan think, according to the "implementation plan", the Internet相关的主题文章: