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Music, as the electricity supplier Festival crazy embrace 5 billion behind the letter is now a looph-winavi

Behind the music business section maddening 5 billion: the letter Phi vulnerable to invoice illegal suspected past LETV 919 electricity supplier Festival, day sales exceeded 4 billion 400 million yuan, as of the end of the activity to achieve nearly 5 billion yuan in the widely circulated story. LETV (300104) is Jia Yueting layout in the listed company. The logic of the entire empire LETV payments did not clearly show to the outside world, because the listed company information disclosure obligations, but said LETV is a huge music group "above sea level", but it cannot show the whole group. The concern is that the 919 soaring sales revenue, which was included in the "send members to buy hardware" mode, this mode continues. This is also envisaged Jia Yueting hardware free, relying on services and content to achieve the primary goal of the profitability of the drill. It is this exercise, revealed the music as the Empire more secrets. The more free the hardware, the better the statements of listed companies. A business person in charge of the Economic Observer reported that between LETV company and non listed assets of related transactions between them, and cross shareholdings, which makes the distribution of income between LETV and unlisted part and before there has been a change in space, quite interesting. Mysterious music as a new generation of music as the new generation of public information is extremely rare, the company is a member of the film and television music as a member of the agreement, but there is no music on the company’s information disclosure. LETV announced 919 days before, till September 20th 24, total sales reached 4 billion 970 million yuan, of which the total membership sales exceeded 2 billion 710 million yuan, super TV sales exceeded 866 thousand, super total mobile phone sales exceeded 1 million 178 thousand…… 919 activities during the various forms of activities, 919 activities involving all online and offline channels. There are roughly two models, one for the purchase of hardware to send members; the other for members to send hardware. A consumer in September 20th (919 during the event) in the music as the mall to buy a tv. She told the economic observer, she chose to buy Hardware sent to members of the model, and provide her ordinary VAT invoice electronic display, goods and taxable services or service name column, in addition to the 43 inch TV Plus TV, film and music as a super member (2 years to 3 months), music as a super sports (membership 1 years). These add up, after the discount price of 1643 yuan during the event. The consumers to obtain invoices, the sales side as music e-commerce (Beijing) Co., ltd.". The company is the owner of music as the mall. LETV holds 30% of the company’s shares, but as a result of the music as the holding of its equity of the grant of the music network as. Therefore, the music as the report of e-commerce into the music as the report. However, as the electricity supplier does not have the ability to service members. In the music as the mall (lemall), as the film and television members of the agreement is the Huoerguosi music hi culture media Co., ltd.". The company as a wholly owned LETV holdings. In the first half of this year, the company made a profit of 184 million yuan. Huoerguosi hi Lok was founded in June 2015, enjoy the first production tax revenue from the first year, 5.相关的主题文章: