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More than 40 thousand Hongkong people rally against the Hong Kong alone to support the interpretatio borderland

The more than 40 thousand Hongkong people rally against "Hong Kong Independence support interpretation singing and shouting slogans: Hongkong people from all walks of life held demonstrations supporting interpretation," Hong Kong Independence car parade held in Hongkong "hold interpretation, anti independence by the NPC Standing Committee on the interpretation of article 104th of the Hongkong basic law, Hongkong people and mainstream public opinion release method is reasonable and lawful, timely, consistent with the expectations of the mainstream public opinion. In November 13th, Hongkong – Hong Kong Independence, support the release of peaceful assembly method Alliance launched more than forty thousand people attended, further highlighting the mainstream public opinion, the public expression of "Hong Kong Independence" and support the interpretation of the strong desire to the community. In the afternoon, from the major league rendezvous time and a few hours, the Hongkong Admiralty MTR station, the number of road crowd to the Legislative Council of the surge, a large number of people have arrived at the rally in advance. 4:30, the number of rallies climbed to the peak, the Legislative Council demonstration area, Tim Ma Park, sea building and other surrounding areas were occupied by the crowd. People holding signs, waving flags and chanted slogans, sing patriotic songs, the scene, seething racket. From Yuen Long specially came to participate in public rallies Ms. Huang said, beam, swim two people in Hongkong have no contribution, even the tax did not pay off, they use the resources of Hongkong to do some insulting the country and split the country, sad and angry. An overseas Chinese from Holland to Hong Kong visit, that meeting convened immediately after returning from other countries friends to participate in. He said that Hongkong is prosperous and stable today, thanks to rigorous, perfect protection of the rule of law, the interpretation of law fully demonstrates the rule of law in Hongkong. Powder Rural Committee under the auspices of the lung Yeuk Tau village has nearly 1000 people came to the rally, including many elderly and young people. Seventy Deng Bo said that the rally reflects the strong desire of the public to maintain the rule of law in Hongkong, he was very dissatisfied with the beam, two people made a remark that the Chinese people around the world are unlikely to accept such a person as a government official. Architect Zhang Bingyu with a family of four to support the rally. He believes that a few Hong Kong Independence people like Hongkong’s "cancer cell", resulting in social chaos, is the best interpretation of "good medicine", the government and the public must be resolute attitude, these "cancer cells" were eliminated, together with the Hongkong guardian. On behalf of many members of the Legislative Council and the business community, the legal profession, education, women’s federations, youth groups and other presentations, have called for the "anti Hong Kong Independence, supporting the interpretation of the law". The PR Maven beam members pointed out that the rally is numerous, is that interpretation, against Hong Kong Independence has a huge public opinion, the interpretation of the law is to undermine the rule of law that confuse truth and falsehood. The Hongkong Basic Law Committee Tan Huizhu said at the meeting, Hongkong implementation of one country two systems, but does not allow anyone to slander and the nation. National policy tilted to Hongkong, Hongkong should seize the opportunity to achieve prosperity and stable development. NPC deputies, Major League spokesman Wu Qiubei said at the rally, rally is very successful, clear expression of the "anti Hong Kong Independence, support the interpretation of the law" message; more than 40 thousand people live, more than 10 thousand people can play more. The people of Hongkong have a strong will to love Hong Kong, uphold the basic law and oppose Hong Kong independence". The public will not be misled by some people, the National People’s Congress law is an important measure to safeguard the rule of law in Hongkong.相关的主题文章: