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Mistress not seeing positive Pianhun together with lover Conspiracy (video)-thinkpad s230u

"Mistress" is not positive with lover conspiracy Pianhun Yangzi Evening News Network September 22nd news (reporter correspondent Ma Zhiya Zhang An) "mistress" sees himself as "positive" hopeless, even with the lover collusion, money to other Pianhun fraud. In September 22nd, the Fengxian County police announced several newly discovered marital fraud cases, which amounted to more than 16 yuan, and two suspects were coercive measures by Fengxian County police. In August 28th of this year, the Huashan police station of the Fengxian County Public Security Bureau reported that some people were swindling their money on the grounds of marriage. After the alarm, Fengxian County police quickly organized police investigation, the suspect information left by means of communication as the breakthrough point, to carry out investigation visits and Mopai work, and ultimately determine a (female, 35 years old), a (male, 54 years old) suspected of marriage fraud suspects, on September 14th in Fengxian County city the two suspects arrested. After investigation, the suspect Gong Cheng and started dating in 2011, two people had one daughter, after a process of a family that he is "mistress". Gong once tried to "change", but Cheng refused her request. In order to "compensate" Gong Cheng Gong, proposed to introduce the object, if meet right is married to live together, if it doesn’t feel right to cheat some cailiqian. After planning, Gong made up his parents who had passed away, and they were abandoned when they worked in the field. In order to escape the attack from the public security organs, Gong Mou also has a special name, Li Xiaohong. The first is a fraud in September 2012, by a matchmaker and she introduced the 50 year old Peixian man shaomou, met for second days in the process of a request of a man about the wandering to Fengxian County City, after the meeting to the man to ask for a gift of 1000 yuan, to buy a mobile phone, after electric cars, clothes, necklaces and other reasons to shaomou for more than 6000 yuan in cash, in fact is not a phase shaomou, thought and shaomou life, just want to cheat money, and then a process to get married before "gifts" as an excuse to ask for 6000 yuan shaomou cailiqian so, the whole incident shaomou have cheated more than 17000 yuan, may feel money almost, Gong Cheng and the replacement of the mobile phone number, disappeared in the shaomou life. Feel the same way with the two of them began the sweetness, kite Road, the whole process will cheat one or two man in the middle, sometimes intermediate people find their two people through the victims, to the cheated of money, they were afraid of the police, will repay the victim a portion of the funds, then they used to cheat second of the money returned to the part of the first person is cheated of money, the cycle… The last time the deception, a matchmaker will find Gong introduced to Fengxian County Huashan town yinmou, after a period of interaction, and Yin Gong duo ready to get married, and Gong Cheng asked yinmou families to get 66 thousand yuan price, is also afraid deceived yinmou and mother the gong and Cheng said, the dowry money can give, but need to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for registration of marriage, then took out a card, say the true name, Gong and yinmou quickly to the Bureau of civil affairs for the marriage certificate, marriage certificate on the day of Yin Mou to come up with 66 thousand yuan bride price money to a certain way and. But as to receive a marriage certificate, apply for the marriage ceremony, a never overnight stays in Yin home, everywhere pick yinmou and family problems, to Yin home is money, or just disappear, after repeated, until August of this year, a divorce, Yin Moucai and his family feel deceived, helpless reported the matter to the police station. After the trial, Gong Cheng, truthfully confessed to defraud money more than the facts of the crime, the two suspects to the illegal possession for the purpose of defrauding other people’s property behavior has violated the "criminal law", suspected fraud, September 15th by Fengxian County police according to the criminal coercive measures. The police said, marriage fraud is often difficult to mate in the aged or divorced persons as the object, fraud victims money, then estranged from breaking up or seeking to escape, to strengthen their prevention is an effective means to prevent being cheated, for just contact, do not understand the people, to remain vigilant, pay attention to identify each other and the promise self introduction. No matter how good the cheater is in the process of cheating, there will still be a flaw. If we pay attention to it, we will find the problem. If we are cheated, we must keep relevant evidence, and we will call the police for the first time. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original 25 year old mistress to save the 47 year old lover self pompous kidnapping

“小三”眼见转正不成 伙同情夫合谋骗婚 扬子晚报网9月22日讯 (记者 马志亚 通讯员 张安) “小三”眼见自己“转正”无望,居然跟情人合谋,向其他人骗婚诈骗钱财。9月22日,丰县警方公布了刚刚破获的多起婚姻诈骗案,涉嫌金额达16万余元,目前两名犯罪嫌疑人依法被丰县警方采取强制措施。今年8月28日,丰县公安局华山派出所接报案,称有人以结婚为由诈骗钱财。接警后,丰县警方迅速组织警力进行调查取证,以犯罪嫌疑人留下的通信方式等信息为突破口,开展调查走访、摸排等工作,最终确定巩某(女,35岁)、程某(男,54岁)有涉嫌婚姻诈骗嫌疑,于9月14日在丰县城区将该两名犯罪嫌疑人抓获。经查,嫌疑人巩某与程某2011年开始交往,两人还育有一女,后巩某得知程某有家室,自己是“小三”。巩某曾尝试过“转正”,但程某拒绝了她的要求。为了“补偿”巩某,程某提出给巩某介绍对象,如果遇见好的、合适的就正式结婚一起过日子,如果感觉不合适就骗些彩礼钱。经过谋划,巩某编造了父母已经过世,自己在外地打工时被人抛弃,因程某和巩某父亲是战友,平时就帮忙照料生活的故事。为逃避公安机关打击,巩某还特意起了一个化名李小红。第一次行骗是2012年9月,巩某经程某及其她媒人介绍认识了50岁的沛县男子邵某,见面第二天在程某的授意下巩某约该男子到丰县城区闲逛,见面后巩某向该男子索要见面礼1000元,后巩某以购买手机、电动车、衣服、项链等理由向邵某索取现金6000余元,其实一开始巩某就没相中邵某,没想和邵某生活,只是想骗取钱财,后来巩某和程某又以结婚前需要“过礼”为借口,向邵某索要6000元彩礼钱等等,整个事件邵某一共被骗17000余元,可能是感觉钱骗的差不多了,巩某和程某就更换了手机号码,消失在邵某的生活中。尝到甜头后他们二人采用同样方式,开始了骗钱的道路,整个行骗过程中会有一、两名中间人,有时候被骗的受害人通过中间人找到他们二人,要其被骗钱财时,他们怕受害人报警,也会偿还给被害人一部分款项,这时他们用骗取第二人的钱财归还给第一个被骗钱财人一部分,就这样循环着…最后一次行骗,程某找媒人将巩某介绍给丰县华山镇的尹某,经过一段时间的交往,巩某与尹某二人准备结婚,巩某和程某要求尹某的家庭拿6.6万元的彩礼,也是害怕上当受骗的尹某就和母亲一起对巩某和程某说,彩礼钱可以给,但是需要到民政局办理结婚登记手续,这时巩某才拿出身份证,说出真实的姓名,巩某和尹某很快就到民政局办理了结婚证,办理结婚证当天尹某家就拿出了6.6万元彩礼钱给了巩某和程某。但就在领取结婚证、办理结婚仪式后,巩某从来不在尹某家过夜住宿,处处挑尹某及其家人的毛病,到尹某家中就是要钱,或者直接就消失,辗转反复,直到今年8月份,巩某提出离婚,尹某才和家人感觉是上当受骗,无奈之下到派出所报了案。经审讯,巩某、程某如实的交代了多起诈骗他人钱财的犯罪事实,两名犯罪嫌疑人以非法占有为目的,骗取他人财物的行为已触犯《刑法》,涉嫌诈骗罪,9月15日被丰县警方依法采取刑事强制措施。民警表示,婚姻诈骗往往是以择偶难的中老年或离异者为对象,诈骗受害者钱财,然后以感情不和为由分手或寻机逃离,加强自身防范是预防被骗的有效手段,对于刚接触、不太了解的人,要保持警惕,注意鉴别对方的许诺和自我介绍。骗子在行骗过程中无论说的多好,还是会有破绽,只要稍作留心,就能发现问题,如若被骗,要保存好相关证据资料,第一时间报警。扩展视频:与原文无关 25岁小三为挽回47岁情夫 自导自演浮夸绑架案相关的主题文章: