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Miss Alibaba rose hedge fund missed tens of millions of dollars in revenue-9c8950

Alibaba missed the rise of hedge funds lost tens of millions of dollars in revenue is expected to hit a record two years ago, the first public offering of shares (IPO) since the second quarter performance. But hedge funds missed. Alibaba since the listing of the stock performance of sina finance with Peng Bo according to the summary data, the US listed China giants since the end of June shares rose 38%, hit a 21 month high, while hedge funds in the three months before the holdings of 2 million 200 thousand shares of the shares of the Alibaba, missed a profit of around $61 million. In the wake of the deterioration in investor sentiment leading to the loss of some of the world’s largest and most prominent companies, the timing of the Alibaba deal exacerbated the plight of the hedge fund industry. Actively managed fund companies have been lagging behind the stock market for many years, prompting customers to reduce the cost of the request, or fled to low-cost index products. "We sold the Alibaba during the fall last year," said ThornburgInvestment Management Inc. investment manager Charlie Wilson. The company’s $1 billion 200 million Thornburg developing fund performance over the past five years exceeded the industry’s peers in the past 91% years. "Their ability to make money really surprised us. We used to hold, and then I think we made the wrong decision, "he added. "Recently, after checking our estimates, we bought the stock." Alibaba used to be the darling of hedge fund industry. After the company in September 2014 to a record size of $25 billion on the market, Dan Loeb Third LLC and George, Soros’s fund management company, said the disclosure of a large number of shares held by Alibaba, Inc., Point. Bloomberg data show that as of September 30, 2014, the value of the shares held by hedge funds worth about $14 billion. This article from the WeChat public number Bloomberg global finance into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: